Zalora partners with Ayala for Seamless Digital Shopping

Zalora is one of the biggest online shopping app. Fashion finds are a dime a dozen on this site with each one looking prettier and better than the last. When you hear the name Zalora, you know that it’s all about fashion.

Ayala is one of the biggest mall in the country. Anywhere you go, be it North or South, there is always an Ayala Mall that is waiting to cater to your every whim while bringing you luxurious comfort.


However, the impact that digital shopping has made in the market has been felt by Ayala Malls with less people actually shopping in actual stores and online shopping rising like crazy. This is why Ayala has partnered with Zalora to create a seamless digital shopping to ensure that Ayala Mall fans can have the best of both worlds.

This partnership will create a unique opportunity to align the country’ leading commercial mall operator, telecom provider, as well as consumer bank wih the region’s leading online fashion retailer to create a first of it’s kind, never before done retail partnership that will focus on customer journey.

This partnership aims to transform customer journey into a more connected experience where customers can move between physical and digital channels seamlessly so everyone can learn and adapt to customer needs by leveraging data sets to study behavior and draw insights that will help improve customer touch point.


More than 7 in 10 people now shop online which amounts to 71% compared to only 60% the year before. One in two Filipinos make purchases online through their mobile phones now as well. Convenience is the main reason why people opt to do this as well as the availabity of seeing more options without having to go through different stores physically. The fac that you can also choose between different payment options and varied merchandising at the tip of your hands is another reason why many people shift from actual retail store shopping to online shopping.


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