YouTube lured some big stars for their newest campaign

Beginning later this year, YouTube is bringing in huge names from the Showbiz industry such as Kevin Hart, Ellen Degeneres, and Demi Lovato. According to the most popular video platform, original content that started from subscription-service YouTube Red received a relatively positive feedback with fans asking for more. The only problem is that it’s not free.

So to bring more of those exclusive original content to their billion-plus of viewers, YouTube is launching the new ad-supported shows, meaning – it’s free to watch for everyone with an internet connection.

Check out the full list of the shows:

Ellen’s Show Me More Show: a twice-a-week series built just for YouTube, giving fans behind the scenes access to some of the biggest stars and her favorite moments.

Good Mythical Morning: Rhett & Link will go to new heights in a long-form expansion of larger-than-life stunts, zanier challenges, and over-the-top laughs.

Kevin Hart: What the Fit?: Kevin will team up with celebrity friends and YouTube stars each week as they attempt to master a different trending, grueling and sometimes ridiculous workout routine.

I Am: Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato reveals a yearlong personal journey of music reinvention and deep discovery as she dives into the writing and recording of her new album in her new series, I Am: Demi Lovato.

Best.Cover.Ever.: a cutting-edge talent competition series hosted by Ludacris where emerging talent from across the globe submit covers to YouTube to vie for the ultimate prize: an opportunity to perform a duet with a superstar artist. Submit your cover now at

The Super Slow Show: The Slow Mo Guys will test the latest in technology to reinvent the way we look at celebrities, music, pranks, comedy sketches and more, in slow motion.

Katy Perry Live Special: Live on YouTube, The Katy Perry Live Special will take you inside of her world, revealing the experiences and emotions she poured into her all-new soul-baring music on the eve of her highly anticipated album launch.

Lately, YouTube made a move that affected almost all YouTube Content Creator – making videos family-friendly. Implementing their newest rule or protocol, biggest YouTube Star, Pewdiepie felt the negative effect where videos of him containing “non-family-friendly” content were demonetized and further saying, that the income is smaller compared to what he was earning before.

Not only Pewdiepie got affected but also long-time Call of Duty fans where they upload videos of themselves playing, gained more views but with less money coming from it. CoD is known for its gore and action war scene gameplay that involves guns and assassinations.

Clearly, YouTube wants to publish ad-supported videos and shows in order to cope up from the loss of being family-friendly.