A Young Mother’s Story: Teen Pregnancy


Teenagers think they know almost everything. Sometimes all they ever think of is the four letter word: L-O-V-E. They have this rosy perception of life, thinking that it’s easy to survive for as long as love is present between two people.  But such perception is based on mistaken ideas. Psst.ph shares the story of a young mom named Therese, 15, on her unplanned pregnancy.


“It’s nice to look at the past now…knowing that I was able to learn so much in such a span of time,” shares Therese. Now a mother of a two year old boy, Therese got pregnant earlier than she expected because she was so in love with her boyfriend then. 

“We did things which were beyond our supposed limitation,” she explained. Premarital sex is prevalent in today’s day and age. 

There is a big difference between a boy and a man.

I was able to understand the huge difference (between a boy and a man) after I went to live with Andrew (the father of her child). he thought he was matured enough to handle complex and complicated problems on his own, like making big decisions, living apart from his parents, and settling down at such a young age,” recalls Therese.


After Therese learned that she was pregnant, she says she had no choice but to grow up. She was sure that her partner Andrew hasn’t reached the peak of his manhood yet. She admits she’s not capable of being a mother too. But they had no preference–they had to accept that they’ll be parents and accept the myriads of consequences for their actions. They had to learn things the hard way. Their experiences forced them to mature early in life. 

“We were both trying our best, all for the sake of our child. We had a lot of difficulty adjusting ourselves and playing key roles as our son’s parents.


There were times when Andrew would go home late at night and Therese would find out he’d been playing DOTA or went bar-hopping with his set of college barkadas. He hasn’t outgrown his nightlife and his old easy-go-lucky lifestyle. During times like these, Therese tried her best to understand Andrew. She admits also missing her own set of friends and the things they used to do. 

How I wish I could still join my friends when they go shopping. i could no longer do the things I used to do when I was single, restless and unattached. I am a mother now; my world has changed in a flash.”

If she could turn back the clock…

There were times when I think of all the “what ifs” and the “could’ve beens”…I would want to make some changes and correct my mistakes and vow not to do them again. 

If she were to relive her life over, she says she would choose not to get seriously involved with her relationship with Andrew at such a young age. “Perhaps he would still be the man I’d choose to marry or end up with, but then again, it would have been best if we got married at an older age.”


Do not be an eager beaver

God’s wisdom is truly unfathomable. He gave Therese and Andrew a loving son as a gift. If they hadn’t been too eager to open that gift, they could’ve given him the best, which every child deserves. So far, they’re trying to give him only what they can afford. 

Realization: When reality bites

“Honestly, I don’t regret having my son. I believe every child is a blessing. I take pleasure being his mom and I love him very much. But i don’t agree having a child at a time when you should be enjoying your youth.”

It takes a lot of responsibilities in rearing a child. It entails patience, understanding, hard work and maturity. Therese’s son may be considered a mistake of their youth. But she vows to make sure that she will correct those errors by being the best mom she can be to her child. “Andrew and I will raise him into a real man.”

So if you think you aren’t ready for big responsibilities. If you’re still young, set aside your curiosity on sex or practice safe sex. There’s a right time for you to exercise your faculty as regards sex. It’s a matter of making up a choice; the rest is all up to you. Last piece of advice: Reflect on this writing piece if you care enough for your future. 

Vance Madrid

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