Yoga myths debunked

Those thinking outside the sphere sees yoga giving the mind peace and the muscles strength.  Others conclude those practicing yoga can easily find wisdom and inner power.  Perhaps many have been said about yoga and yet those were just minute details of what the practice really is.   Most of these are misconceptions and invalidates the top four myths.


Yoga is for the elite

Most would assume yoga is for the elite.  Or for those who have the money and can afford private classes and buy expensive outfit and mats.    But the truth is, there are many studios offering yoga classes especially to new students at a very minimal fee.  Additionally, they are a lot of free YouTube classes one may follow if he is dead serious about yoga.

Yoga is about flexibility

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga is to able to touch the toes first before being called a yogi, a practitioner of yoga.  This misapprehension sometimes limits other to try yoga.  Even Cyndi Lee, the founder of OM yoga, an internationally recognized method of yoga, was heard saying that “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about unlocking your ideas about what you want, where you think you can go, and how you will achieve when you get there.”  So yoga is not about flexibility nor flexibility a requirement. In fact, flexibility comes as a result of yoga.


Yoga is only for the lean

Just like flexibility, a fit body is a result of doing yoga.  Through regular practice, yoga brings balance, discipline, and health.  Many yogis drop weight because of their ability to manage their craving.  They are able to realize their sense of purpose which then translates to achieving discipline in life, self-control over food included.  But yoga isn’t for the lean and slim.  As yoga class is a place of non-judgmental, yoga accepts young or old, short or tall, plump or skinny.  Yoga aims to adapt to the person and not the other way around.

Yoga is about religion

Yoga is often misidentified as a religion.   Perhaps this roots to the thought that the practice aims to awaken the divinity from within.  As many have assumed yoga is about worship, it, on the contrary, is about inner exploration.  It expresses neither faith nor religiousness.  The same manner it confirms no affiliation with Hinduism or Buddhism. The presence of the Hindi deity Shiva or the chanting might send confusion, but again, yoga is not a religious practice.  It must have been just the tradition passed down from teacher to teacher and not about yoga perse.

Yoga myths debunked


Yoga is about being fully aware of who one is.  It encourages self-acceptance as it leads the way to better bond with others in the class.  Eventually, with genuine faithfulness to oneself, yoga leads one to self-love, kindness to others, and genuine peace.  This practice, in one way or another, has nothing to do with religion, flexibility, body size, and social status.

Berlin Domingo

Devoted. Compassionate. Instinctive. Berlin loves to write personal narratives, thrilling discoveries, and mommy tips that make daily living the happiest. She shares a place called the small house with her husband and their four boys.