Yellow Cab’s Tuesday Choose-Day Promo

What is so special about Tuesday?

According to the dictionary, Tuesday in old English was “Tiwesdae” which originated from the name “Tiw”, a Germanic God of war and sky. In Latin translation, it was “dies Marti’day of Mars, the God Tiw being equated with the Roman God, Mars.

During Monday, it is the day when you plot the week’s course of work that includes planning and setting directives that can guide you to the task at hand. So Tuesday is the day when you send into motion the plans set in a week which requires a lot of effort and energy. What more is the better way to survive the day’s battles? Of course, being ready with a full stomach is the right way to start.

Good news is, in Yellow Cab Philippines, every Tuesday is Choose-Day! You can choose from MyMix 195 combinations and get FREE BOTTOMLESS Mountain Dew.

Yellow Cab Tuesday Choose Day Promo

MyMix 195 lets you enjoy your customized mix of pizza, pasta, and wings in just one box for only Php195. You have the freedom to choose the pizza pouch, pasta, and wings that go in your box. Choose your pizza pouch among the following choices: #4 Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Roasted Garlic & Shrimp, Garden Special, and Gilroy Garlic. You may get Hot Chix, Sriracha, Salt & Pepper, or Garlic Parmesan for your Chix. For the side dish, Charlie Chan, Chicken Alfredo, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Stoplite Salad, or Potato Wedges can be your choice. The possible combinations to try are so many that surely entices everyone to try all!

Yellow Cab Philippines’ Tuesday Choose-Day Promo is valid every Tuesday from January to March 2018 for dine-in only. It’s available in all Yellow Cab stores nationwide except Kidzania, NAIA 3, MOA Arena, Brent, Camaya Coast, Caloocan Delco, Dona Soledad Delco, Pritil Delco, Shell Mexico & Centennial.

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