Year End Report: Trending Topics of 2017


What a year! We are now officially on the last few days of the year 2017. In keeping with the crazy parade of unexpected twists and turns this year, we noticed some interesting new trends both offline and online which has influenced every Filipino. Can you guess what we have gathered? shares a listicle of the most awesome, most loved-abhorred things that has made our 2017 (in no particular order) rocked! Check it out, folks.

Spicy Noodle Challenge

spicy noodle

People who have tried eating this spicy noodle can swear to high heavens that the Lucky Me Spicy Noodles are no match when compared to Samyang Hek’s Nuclear Hot Chicken Ramen. This instant noodle dish reportedly has 8,706 Scoville units.  The Scoville scale is a measurement used for the pungency (spicy heat) of chili peppers–or other spicy foods. It’s no surprise that netizens started sharing their Spicy Noodle Eating challenge experience. Celebrities also joined in the fun by sharing videos of themselves while eating these spicy noodles.

Empoy Marquez is the new pogi

Empoy Marquez
Empoy Marquez

Let’s face it. 2017 is the rise of Empoy Marquez. Yes, after the phenomenal success of the film, “Kita-Kita” by Spring Film Productions where he was paired with actress Alessandra de Rossi, there’s no stopping Empoy. He became an icon for those who have loved and lost, for those who are heartbroken.

MRT: The “rolling coffin”



Fake News


Whoever started releasing “fake news” online? Regardless if they were the mainstream media or pro-Duterte bloggers, we all wish it should stop deceiving the public.

The Truth About Depression


Veteran host and comedian Joey De Leon recently got into hot water after making an insensitive comment on the issue of depression which has earned him bashers and criticisms both online and offline. As we all know by now, Depression is a serious medical illness.

Aneurysm Awareness

isabel granada

The sudden death of former child star and actress Isabel Granada paved the way for the public to further understand aneurysm. Aneurysm usually occurs when an artery’s wall weakens and causes an abnormally large bulge. This bulge can rupture and cause internal bleeding.

 Marawi Siege

marawi siege

Five months of war against the Maute troops led by the Maute brothers who were said to be supported b the ISIS group which attacked the entire city of Marawi, 979 millitants were killed, 11 millitants captured, 165 government forces killed, more than 1,400 government forces wounded and 87 civilians dead. Need we say more why it became part of our year ender list?

Jake Zyrus made a noise

photo from
photo from

Recording artist, formerly known as Charice finally shared his decision of undergoing gender-transition. He was proud enough to admit he had his breasts removed and he’s now taking testosterone to deepen his voice and to acquire more male hormones. He’s been bashed by netizens as well as his own mother but he couldn’t care less for as long as he’s happy.

John Lloyd Cruz takes an indefinite leave from showbiz

photo from Pilipinas popcorn. John Lloyd Cruz with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna
photo from Pilipinas popcorn. John Lloyd Cruz with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna

Talks have it that actor John Lloyd Cruz has been head-over-heels in love with sexy actress Ellen Adarna. There’s also a rumor that she is now on the family way as the actor reportedly has gotten her pregnant with their first child. She was also said to be engaged with John Lloyd. The actor made headlines after his trending videos were shared and re-shared on the internet. He was seen drunk on the said video while sticking up his middle pointing finger. The actor eventually decided to quit his TV show, “Home Sweetie Home” where he plays the husband of Toni Gonzaga. He is now on indefinite leave with ABS-CBN. It seems showbiz have to take a backseat for JLC as he seems to be so in love with the Cebuana sexy star.

Xander Ford’s rebirth into showbiz and his new look



According to experts, it took Php800,000 before they were able to help Hasht5 member and internet sensation Marlou Arizala his new look. He’s now far from the old Marlou and he was given an instant showbiz rebirth after his physical transformation. He also changed his name into Xander Ford. But despite his change in looks, he’s being bashed for his tongue-lashing attitude especially after he called actressKathryn bernardo as “sakang” which irked KathNiel’s fans.

Mocha Uson


Of course, this listicle will not be complete without the Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant secretary, Mocha Uson. The blogger and former sexy actress/singer always make herself one of the top noisemakers in the country. With her 5 million followers on Facebook alone, she is definitely an influencer. She’s reportedly eyeing to run for a senatorial spot come the next election.


photo from Jakarta Post
photo from Jakarta Post

The hit Korean TV series dubbed in Filipino entitled “Goblin” certainly hit the Philippines by storm! Lead by Korean superstar Gong Yoo who was loved and well-received by Filipino movie-goers in the blockbuster horror film, “Trip to Busan.” Pinoys couldn’t seem to get over the “Goblin-fever” that they had decided to have a re-run of the said TV show.

There you have it folks…Some of the best and most talked-about topics for 2017.

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