Wow them with your Brows


“Kilay (Brow) is life. You’re good to go for as long as you’ve got good eyebrows,” says The Brow Studio CEO and founder, Kristine “Teng” Tobillo. Did you know that a subtle change of kilay can make you look thinner and younger? If you’re used to getting your kilay done at your corner neighbourhood salon, paying P188 for Brow Quick Fix at The Brow Studio can seem a little steep (but c’mon, admit it, it’s still fits our daily budget), “What difference does it make?”

It actually does a lot. The Brow Studio’s expert brow technician says they won’t only shave off a few hair strays; they do facial mapping and then shape your kilay to balance the rest of your face. You’ll be amazed. Your nose will be more matangos (high-bridged and pointed). If you’re lucky enough, your face will look longer and thinner. Droopy eyes magically get an instant “lift” taking 10 years off even before you put on a stitch of makeup.

Brow Basics

 “Don’t ever use brow stencils,” warns Catherine, one of The Brow Studio’s brow experts at their Gateway Mall branch. You probably shouldn’t be messing with your brow shape at home. But you can use this list we’ve made for you:


Your face       Good brow plan                     Bad brow plan

Large eyes    Strong and well defined  Thin and delicate

Small eyes  Natural w/delicate arch Heavy/ungroomed

Almond shape eyes  Angled with high arch  Rounded

Pointed chin  Natural with subtle arch  Flat or angular

High cheekbones  Angled with high arch  Rounded

High forehead   Full angular with high arch  Flat or thin

Narrow forehead Flat with slight arch Overpowering with a slight high arch

Putting a pencil on your nostril trick won’t do you any favors if you have close-set eyes. That’s why an expert like someone from The Brow Studio will move the start of your brow toward the temple.) Brow experts also warned us against copying a celebrity look for a trend. For example, the very strong, dark brow that’s all the rage will work only if you have round, square, oval or diamond-shaped face. Those with wide set of eyes can also carry the said look.

It’s not just the thickness of the brow that matters, but the subtlety of the arch. The Brow Studio can’t add thickness if your brows don’t grow as much (although they have Brow Vitamins for that as solution), but they specialize in defining your arch to suit your features. If you have a high forehead, a defined arch will make you standout, but a narrower forehead demands a softened arch. It’s really about balancing the facial features as well as the shape of the face.

Brow experts will also consider the size of your nose and the shape of your jaw. It is science, but if done well, people won’t actually notice your brows, but you. A loyal client was once asked, “Did you lose weight?” It might also highlight your eyes. “I didn’t realize you had such pair of lovely brown eyes!” Think of it as an instant little facelift, honey.

“Every face, and every brow is different.”

Vance Madrid

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