Workout Routine You Can Do at Home


Who says you need a gym membership to get fit? A home workout routine can be simple yet effective. You can build muscle and sweat off those unwanted pounds without necessarily leaving the house. .On the path to achieving your fitness goals, there are many distractions and excuses that can come between you and achieving these goals. The simple act of driving to the gym can often be a mental barrier that keeps us from working out. Now you don’t need to drive anywhere! By using some good old fashion creativity, a home workout plan removes the excuses and provides a time-efficient, cost-effective way to fit a daily workout into your busy schedule. Check out some of these favourite home workouts…

Exercise need not be a torture to get results.  What counts?  A workout that’s safe, effective and fun.  Get off that couch!  Start to limber up with these exercises designed to tone you right at the comfort of your own home.


Start Climbing.  Improves your heart and lung endurance, burns extra fat stored in your body strengthens and tones your legs and buttocks.

Step 1:  Step up with your right foot followed by the left on first step of your stairs.

Step 2:  Step down with your right followed by your left.

Step 3:  Continue for 10 minutes at a comfortable, walking pace.  Work your way up to 20 minutes.

Prone leg lifts.  Gives you a firmer lush and leaner, stronger lower back.


Step 1:  Lie on your tummy with your head in neutral position (meaning, you feel no pull, twist or turn on your neck muscles).  Bring arms above head, legs flat on the floor.

Step 2:  Lift right arm and entire left leg (keep knee straight) as high as you can.

Step 3:  Hold position for eight seconds.

Step 4:  Lower both limbs then alternate with left arm and right leg.  Repeat three more times on each side.


Push-Ups.  Reward you with a better looking and stronger upper body (read:  toned arms, chest and shoulder muscles).

Step 1:  Starting position.  Kneel on the floor.  Bend from the waist and place both palms on the floor (about shoulder-width distance apart).  Keep back straight.

Step 2:  With slow, controlled movements, lower chest until it is about two inches away from the floor (keep head aligned with spine as you do this).

Step 3:  Push up to starting position.  Do 8 to 12 reps or as many as you can.

Get Your Family Involved

If you find yourself tripping over your kids while you are trying to get your workout done, get them involved! Run and get your kids to complete different stations along with you. Make it fun for them, meanwhile you are pushing hard and completing a great workout. Want to add some weight to your air squats? Pick up a kid in your arms and get squatting! By the time you have teenagers in the house, you will have the most toned legs in the neighborhood.

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