Working out at home or hitting the gym?

The question we usually ask ourselves when we finally decide to get on an exercise program is, “Should I work out from the comfort of my home or head to the gym?” The exact answer varies individually depending on your current situation and personal preferences.

Some tried working out at home a couple of times but ended up in the gym. Many would agree that the pros outweigh the cons by a mile when working out at the gym. But some would prefer the convenience of working out at home for some good reasons. Who wouldn’t love a fresh home-made snack while watching an NBA game or your favorite Netflix series in your favorite sofa right after working out?

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Vertical Wise

There are surely advantages and disadvantages of either working out at home or hitting the gym. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for working out at home vs. the gym and see for yourself what works best for you if you are on the state of planning on engaging in a workout program.

Working Out in the Gym


Energy — Being in an environment with other like-minded individuals gives you that extra energy that you just can’t get by working out alone at home. You get a good old friendly competition with the person next to you which will push you to go a little more than you would have.

Variety of equipment — Most gyms have all sorts of different machines, sets of dumbbells, squat rack, or all types of cardio machine that you just can’t fit it all in your garage, home gym, or basement. This allows you to perform all sorts of exercises and lift the max you can actually lift without being limited.

Working out at home or at the gym

Motivation –- Whether you’re with a workout buddy or working out alone, you tend to clench your teeth when you see someone getting hyped with their workout routine beside you at the gym. You wish you have the same level of motivation so you get excited every time you head out for workout.


The commute – If you’re living in the metro, traffic could be part of your routine when the gym is a bit far from home. Aside from consuming your time on the road, you might have gotten exhausted even before reaching the gym because of the traffic jam. Even though you may live 5 minutes away from the gym, during the rainy season, it can be a big hassle just to get there. This may cause you to say, “I’ll go when the weather is better” in which you may wait all week which could be a scenario during rainy season here in the Philippines.

Costs quite a bit — Gym memberships are expensive these days! A couple of years ago, you could just pay P500 – P1,800 for a monthly membership fee. These days, gym membership can go upwards from P1,000 – P3,500 per month. Some fitness gyms offer promo rates to its members and some companies have fitness benefit program for its employees but the gym locations might be far from your home or work place.

Working Out at Home


Convenient — Working out at home, you can exercise right there and then. When you get home from work, it only takes you a bit to change out of your work clothes and into your gym/workout clothes. After 5 minutes of changing, you’re already sweating that fat away!

Practical — When traveling, it’s hard but not impossible to fit in a good exercise regime as you’re so limited. Practicing at home will allow you to come up with a workout routine that allows you to do it anywhere.

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CBS Miami

If you’re watching yoga tutorials videos on YouTube, you can easily do that right in your home. If you have a routine of doing a certain amount of body weight squats, push ups, and/or some ab workouts, again, easily doable right in your home!

Great place to start — If you’re shy about going to the gym, this is a great place to build up some confidence. You can watch tutorial videos at home and practice it right there and then. This will definitely help you build up your confidence in whatever exercise you choose to do whether that me yoga, cardio, or weightlifting.


Costly — working out at home may need you to buy some equipment and they can easily add up quick. On top of that, if for whatever reason you stop working out, you’re left with a whole bunch of expensive equipment that’s taking a whole lot of your basement/garage space.

Extremely easy to get lazy — Being at home, it’s painless to talk yourself out from working out. It’s easy to not give it your all and cut your workouts by 15 or 30 minutes short.  It’s so much easier to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’m just going to rest my eyes for 5 minutes.”

Limited — If you want to do more cardio, doing it at home, at the gym, or outside won’t have such a big impact. However, if you’re into weightlifting, it’s a high chance that you don’t have all the equipment and enough weights to be able to perform at your highest potential. Depending on which exercising you’re doing, you may be limiting your full growth

Which one is right for you?

Others find it much more difficult to get motivated to workout at home, so hitting the gym is the better option. Others find ways to get a new burst of energy and motivation at the convenience of their home.

If you are caught halfway between which is which, try both for at least a month and see which one works for you that suits your schedule. At the end of each month, decide which one works best for you. It’s going to be different for everyone but there’s only one way to find out, just go do it!

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