Wings N Dips

Sometimes, you just chance upon a gold mine when you’re not even looking for one.

I am a self confessed chicken lover and so my heart and appetite definitely did a few somersaults when I saw Wings N Dips inside BF Resort. What got me more excited is the fact that it’s unlimited wings, unlimited dips, and unlimited rice! Yes, UNLIMITED RICE AND CHICKEN!!!



They are still on soft opening so when we initially went, we found the chicken too salty. We provided feedback and thankfully, when we came back a few days later, everything was all good. The chicken is no longer salty but just plain great tasting!

In case we haven’t told you the good part, it only costs Php200 per head. Yes, two hundered pesos. You read that right. Okay, we exaggerate. It’s actually only Php199 per head. Your Php200 still has change. If you wanna add bottomless drinks, it will only cost you Php50.


One serving will give you one rice, 3 pieces of chicken, and then you can choose from the following dips: gravy, pesto cheese, buffalo wings, and salted egg. Can you just imagine eating a ton of chicken with dip plus rice for less than Php200?



Here is the owner of the place and how the place looks. It may not be that big but it’s big enough for families and friends to hang out and just munch on the unlimited chicken.  As of the moment, they only serve Lemon Cucumber for their drink but they do have house water which is more than enough to help fill you out.

We definitely recommend Wings N Dips to anyone living in the South or to any foodie who are adventurous enough to venture to the South. It will definitely be worth your while especially if you love your chicken.

Located inside BF Resort Village, along BF Resort Drive.

Kathy Kenny


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