How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home


Have you looked in the mirror recently and wished that your teeth were a bit whiter? Have you thought that maybe all of your tea and coffee guzzling has made your once-white teeth take on a bit of a brown tinge? Has that made you consider whitening your teeth?

 The good news is that you’re not restricted to going to the dentist for whiter teeth. Thankfully, there are lots of over-the-counter options that you can try that cost significantly less than a few professional whitening treatments would. Before you run to your nearest drugstore and stock up, we want you to consider some things.

First, we want you to remember that you do not have to whiten your teeth. Whatever color your teeth naturally are is beautiful. A blinding white, movie star smile is not something you need to have. That is one look. You shouldn’t feel pressured to get your teeth whitened. You should do it because you want to, not because you feel forced to.

If you genuinely do want to whiten your teeth, take a look at these simple things to know about whitening your teeth at home.

The results will not be as dramatic as the ones done by professionals

Obviously, the professionals are always going to have the most powerful formulas and tools. That’s not to say that at-home teeth whitening kits are crap. They’re actually very good. We want to make sure that your expectations are in check. When done correctly and on a regular basis, you will notice a difference in your teeth when using at-home whitening treatments, but it will never be as dramatic as the results from pros. You should also be aware it will take several sessions to notice a change.

There are different methods to try

One of the big benefits about at-home whitening, besides its affordability, is the number of options. There are whitening toothpastes, powders, strips, treatments that you paint on, LED treatments, plus more. While the different choices might feel overwhelming, the good thing is that you can try a few different ones to see what one works best for you and your smile.

It is important to follow instructions

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be said. At-home whitening treatments are not as powerful as professional ones, but you still need to follow them. You don’t want to end up with uneven results and you don’t want to irritate your teeth and gums. You also need to be careful because sometimes what you do before or after your treatment can impact the results. What’s more, there is such thing as over-whitening and damaging teeth. It’s rarer with at-home kits, but it can happen. Therefore, take five minutes and read the instructions before beginning.

Teeth whitening may lead to gum and mouth sensitivity

Tooth and gum sensitivity are side effects of whitening teeth. After all, those whitening products are strong enough to change the color of teeth so you can see why there could be some sensitivity. Some at-home kits will recommend that you do tests or not use the products if you have certain sensitives or allergies. Make sure you listen to them so you don’t wind up in a bind.

It’s not for everyone

If you have braces, whitening is a no-no. If you have caps or veneers, they also cannot be whitened. If you have crowded, uneven, or large teeth, you might also have trouble with certain methods like whitening trays or strips as they can sometimes lead to uneven results. When you’re considering a whitening method, it’s important to read the tips to make sure it’s suitable for your smile.

It doesn’t last forever

Just like your first relationship, it doesn’t last forever. Sorry, but you don’t whiten your teeth once and that’s the end of things. You will need to keep doing it on a consistent basis if you want to maintain the results. The reason is that food and drinks will still discolor teeth. Secondly, teeth actually discolor as we get older so you also have to fight Mother Nature on this one.

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