What to leave with your babysitter?

Perhaps it happens to almost anyone.  There are instances you just need to leave your little one with a babysitter to run an important errand.  Leaving your child, though, gives you some levels of stress.  Thus, it is sound that you’ve screened your babysitter thoroughly.  He should be someone able to handle the job excellently.  PSST.ph puts together a checklist you could leave with your babysitter.  This will somehow lessen your doubts and give you peace of mind.

What to leave with your babysitter?
What to leave with your babysitter?

Contact details

Do not go out of the house without leaving your complete name and contact details.  Orient your babysitter to give you a call for any emergency or urgent concerns.  It wouldn’t hurt, too, if you list down contact information of other family members or friends dear to you.  That way, should he failed to contact you, there are options available.   Make sure though you gave him enough load to call or at least text you.

Medical details

You may also leave behind your pediatrician’s on-call emergency number.  That way, your babysitter may directly explain to the doctor any urgent concern.

Aside from leaving a list of medication to take, it is prudent to make a list of food to avoid as well as those that may trigger an allergy attack.  But it would be better if you administer giving the medication yourself before leaving the house.  Be extra careful, too, and make an effort to keep away food that may cause allergy attack to your child.

Keep the first aid kit within easy reach as well.

Emergency details

Spare key to home should be at a place where your babysitter can easily grab it if there’s a need.  He should also be well oriented to the location of light switches, door exits, and emergency lamp in case of power failure.

It is important, too, that you always have a listing of emergency numbers that are accessible to all.  Such numbers include the police station, fire department, poison control, ambulance and the nearest hospital.

Bribe treats

Leaving your toddler with a babysitter doesn’t mean just dumping your child.  Leave snacks or his favorite book and puzzle games.  This may be called a bribe set so that your little one will be left busy as you do your own thing.  This way as well, you make it easier for the babysitter to look after your child.

House rules

Whether the babysitter is accustomed to your family or not, it is still best to set house rules.  Such rules are imposed to keep your privacy as well as make sure the babysitter will give his attention to your child.

A few house rules may be: 1. Television programs not allowed.  2. Off limits rooms.  3. Time limits for phone calls.  4.  Appliance that is out of bound.

What to leave with your babysitter?

What to leave with your babysitter?
What to leave with your babysitter?

Leaving your little one for work or to do a quick errand may be a stressful decision.  Of course, you would want to care for your child but there are certain inevitable situations.  The most prudent way is to get a responsible babysitter who can follow your instructions and look after your kiddo.  Leave the babysitter with a list of important notes to go back to.  Better explain everything to him as well before totally leaving him with your child.  It may be a little time consuming but it’s an investment ensuring your youngster’s safety and your peace of mind.

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