Ways to diffuse essential oils

The use of essential oils nowadays is very popular.

Essential oils are highly concentrated true essence of plants.  They are like the version of natural oils extracted from plants through the process of distillation.  They are very potent and contain healing properties.

Herbs and plants have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years for its ability to heal and give natural solutions.  It is at this time and age of technology that essential oils are gaining incredible popularity again.  Many attest that essential oils today are more concentrated because of improved distillation techniques.

Ways to diffuse essential oils
Ways to diffuse essential oils

Given this, PSST.ph shares ways of using essential oils through diffusion.  It is the most common and popular method to disperse essential oil.  Aside from being highly effective, diffusing essential oils into the air kills airborne bacteria, virus, and germs.  Likewise, it adds natural fragrance and sets the mood to a clearer mind.

A ply of tissue

There are a lot of ways to diffuse essential oils.  It depends on one’s personal choice and convenience.  The easiest one is placing a drop or two of essential oil on a tissue.  One may hold the tissue close to his nose or he may tuck it in at the vent of his car.

This requires a ply or two of tissue paper only.  It is quick to use and ideal when you are in your personal space surrounded by people (in a public utility vehicle or workstation).

Sadly, essential oils have a high rate of evaporation.  Given this, the aroma it gives will not take that long.  One needs to make a drop or two again every so often.

Plug in diffuser

A diffuser of this kind needs pads wherein one adds a drop or two of essential oil.  He will then plug it in an electric outlet or car charger unit.

This kind of diffuser uses low heat to evaporate the essential oils into the air.  It is very portable as one may bring it with him as long as he has an outlet wherein he could plug it.

One disadvantage of using it, though, is the need to keep a supply of the tiny pads.  It is ideal to change pads whenever one will diffuse a different essential oil.  The last used pad will surely have residual aroma from the last oil used.

Room spray

For every ounce of water, drop five to six essential oil of your preference.  A   quick spritz in the air instantly covers the place with its scent.   However, one needs to use a glass spray bottle instead of a plastic one.  Essential oils deteriorate the plastic in time.

Tea light diffuser

Ways to diffuse essential oils
Ways to diffuse essential oils

One needs a small ceramic heated by a tea lite candle.  Fill the container with a cup of water and then five to ten drops of essential oil.  The steam will carry the vapor of the oil into the air.

This method is inexpensive.  Those ceramic containers may be bought in department stores for fairly affordable prices unless he opts for those really expensive handmade artisan ceramics.

Ceramics, though, break if not handled properly.  The water and the container, too, get hot, thus one cannot manage to easily relocate it.    Plus, it may be harmful to pets and kids crawling.  One also needs to replace the candle so he should have a decent number of candles on hand.

Terracotta pendant necklace diffuser

These pendants are naturally porous to easily absorb and diffuse the scent of the essential oil.   To use, one only needs to drop one or two essential oil to the pendant’s surface.  Wait a few seconds to a minute for the oil to be fully absorbed then wear it.  There are also lava bracelets that function just the same.  Both are ideal for everyday use and the scent may last for a week.

This necklace doubles as an accessory and one has quick access to it anytime he would want to smell it or use it for whatever purpose he has for using the essential oil.

However, like the tissue, one needs to make a new drop or two as the scent may easily evaporate.

Ways to diffuse essential oils
Ways to diffuse essential oils

Ultrasonic diffuser

Perhaps this is the most common way to diffuse essential oils.  One may blend oils and diffuse them in an ultrasonic diffuser.   The diffuser produces fine mist spreading the fragrance of essential oils throughout the air.

To use, drop a few essential oils of choice to the container.  Fill the diffuser with the right amount of water the manufacturer suggests.

Aside from spreading the fragrances of the essential oils, the diffuser also has a light that may even create such homey look and feel.

Ways to diffuse essential oils

There are various ways to diffuse essential oils.   Whatever you opt to use, one thing is certain.  Diffusing essential oils easily distributes the oil molecules into the air, filling it with its aroma and known benefits.  Before you use your set of essential oils, it is prudent to learn first how to use and diffuse them properly to maximize their beneficial properties.

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