Ways to Deal with Travel Safety Issues

Semester break is here and everybody’s excited to unwind, relax, and enjoy alone or with friends and family. Traveling is one of the many ways to do it. It can provide so much satisfaction in your thirst for adventure, fun, and new learning.

Dealing with Traveling Safety Issues
You deserve a break!

It is inevitable to focus on the good things that it can bring but it is a must for you to be prepared and safe. PSST.ph has ways to deal with travel safety issues.

Be prepared.

Study your travel destination including culture, traffic routes, specialty dishes, historical landmarks, must-visit places, and the likes before your scheduled travel time. Bring a map with you and always keep it handy. Pack light and avoid bringing items that you don’t really need.

Dealing with Traveling Safety Issues
Pack light and only bring the things that you really need.


Be safe and vigilant.

If possible, avoid carrying too much cash. Just bring enough or use credit cards instead to cover your expenses. Put your wallet or travel documents inside your jacket or front pants pocket and never at the back pocket. When you carry a shoulder or body bag, always hold the strap while the bag is placed in front of your body.  You may put your wallet or purse under the car seat and it should not be displayed prominently while inside the car.

Never leave the car doors unlocked and windows down. Lock them and keep the windows up at all times especially when you are travelling with young children. If there’s a need for you to open the windows because it’s hot, you may do so as long as it’s not enough for someone to put an arm into the car.

Always park in a well-lighted area for safety reasons. When you are approaching your car, hold the keys already to open it and go inside immediately.

Never walk or drive alone and be careful with people to deal or speak with. It pays to ask from the staff of your hotel about the people and places that you need to avoid.

Never dress inappropriately or act like a lost tourist because you can be spotted by thieves easily. When a person is trying to distract you, never entertain him. Walk hastily and keep in pace with many people or head straight to the nearby police station or highly secured establishment where you can ask the help from policemen or security guards when you feel that you are being followed. Be cautious and alert at all times.

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or showing your expensive gadgets while walking on the area. Bringing all your valuables with you is not advisable. You may store them in a hotel safe.

Dealing with Traveling Safety Issues
Be safe, vigilant, and alert.

Keep your hotel room locked at all times. If someone is trying to enter your room and you haven’t called for a room service, ask for an identification card even if he is wearing a uniform or might as well don’t open the door and call the front desk to be sure.

Furthermore, learning your hotel’s fire escape is a must to be prepared in case of emergency.


Planning and being ready before you travel can make your stay worthwhile. Being adventurous is highly encouraged but be cautious with the things and food that you try. According to the former host of award-winning travel show Born to be Wild and travel junkee, Kiko Rustia, if you are going to an unfamiliar place especially in a remote area, bring your own drinking water and food. In one of his television interviews, he taught the televiewers how to prepare a protein and carbohydrate-packed sandwich that would never go stale immediately while traveling. It was composed of toast, jam, and seared bacon. He also mentioned that never eat meat in your travel destination if you are not sure of its source. Only eat the food that you think is hygienically prepared and safe. It’s often better to be safe than sorry.

Dealing with Traveling Safety Issues
Have fun and create happy memories!
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