Ward off mommy meltdown

Temper tantrums in a toddler happen when the little tot can’t seem to express in words his concerns.  These are his way to voice out any feeling and thought.   Basically then, a child’s meltdown isn’t at all bad as it is his way to communicate.  A mommy meltdown, on the other hand, though not at all bad, can be avoided.  As motherhood is 24 hours in a day responsibility, a mom may sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed as well.  PSST.ph shares a few tricks to have that self-control and in a way, manage a mommy meltdown.

Plan your day

Ward off mommy meltdown
Ward off mommy meltdown

To plan your day doesn’t mean to follow everything and have a strict schedule. At least lay down what you expect to accomplish for the next few hours.  This will help you have an idea of how your day will go.  This will also lessen surprises, frustrations, and sudden meltdown.

Make sure, though, that your family knows your plan, too. It would be best that you discuss each other’s plans as well.   This dismisses sudden announcements and heated arguments.  If, for instance, your school child mentioned to you in advance that he has a project he needs to work together with his group mates, calendar that so you wouldn’t forget.

Delegate and ask help

Again, you are a mother and you can only do so much.  Anything you find your kids can manage, let them do it.  You may be surprised that all along, they only want you to let go and delegate.  You are not only teaching them responsibility, you are empowering them that they can manage on their own.

Set realistic expectations

A mom may feel frustrated if one member of the family can’t comply with simple house rules.  Set realistic expectation then.   You know more than anyone else the capacity of each family member so work within that goal.  If they exceeded your expectation, then be happy.

Do not assume, predict, and guess as well.  Lay down rules, objectives, and tasks to be done.  It is better that everyone knows what you expect than assume they already know.

Set realistic expectations for yourself, too. Give yourself a realistic time frame. With a household to manage, a toddler or a baby and some school kids to feed, do only what you can do.  You are not a martyr nor a superhero.   Remember, you are a mom and you also need the time to rest just like anyone else.  You are human, not a robot.

Get as much sleep as you can

Ward off mommy meltdown
Ward off mommy meltdown

Parenthood isn’t a walk in the park.  Get as much sleep as you can when given the chance.  Or the most prudent way is,  find time to have a decent sleep.  Though it may be tempting to stay up all night to get some things done, dismiss that thought.  You need a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed during the day.

Find time for yourself

Just like sleep, you also need time for yourself.  More than to pamper self, you need the time to know yourself more and give in to the demands of your body and soul.

Find time in a day to reflect on things. It would help you clear your thoughts and make planning easier.  Practice self-care.  Do not give that responsibility to others.  Give yourself a favor and love yourself, too.

Connect with your family

Have a regular conversation with your family.  If you have five boys, for instance, spend time with each of them.  Know their simple to big goals.  Do not forget too, that before you were a mother, you’re a wife first.  Connect with your spouse, too.  The feeling you have your family by yourself makes you feel loved and cared for.  This lessens feeling alone, thus prevents a mommy meltdown.

Connecting with the family also helps you understand them more.  You learn their signs and cues when they are having a problem or about to get in trouble.   Being aware of such, you can readily offer assistance, thus preventing any possible disastrous event.  Learning their cues will save you both a lot of frustrations.

Get moving

Should you fail yourself, move on.  Feel the emotions – the frustration perhaps – but also learn to let go.  You need not be miserable the whole day just to show that you’re having a real bad day.

If your yesterday was bad, get moving.  There is still tomorrow and do not lose hope for tomorrow.  Be sure your yesterday taught you well.

Ward off mommy meltdown

Ward off mommy meltdown
Ward off mommy meltdown

You are a mom.  Wear your heart on your sleeve.   Express happiness if needed and show your frustration to let go of that feeling of resentment or anger.  But there are times you need to stay strong for your loved ones and for yourself.  Or at least manage any meltdown in the making.   But if things happen real fast,  sit down to breathe for a minute, and let those tears spill over like the mountain of laundry you have upstairs.  Sometimes, a good cry is all you need to have a fresh start.  Mind though, not to make a scene.

Berlin Domingo

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