VGJ Thunder Wins!- Galaxy Battles 2 day 3 match highlights

Manila, Philippines– Day Three of Galaxy Battles was heating up as the road to the victory kicked off on Sunday January 21,2018, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. The event saw four lower bracket matches and the long awaited grand finals.



The first match started with Philippine’s TNC Pro Team against Red Bull OG. The match heated up as Red Bull OG continued their relentless assault against TNC. The match ended with Red Bull OG advancing to Round Three with the score of 1:0.


The next battle started with Team Spirit competing  against Brazil’s paIN Gaming. Team Spirit showed some incredible teamwork against paIN Gaming, who did their best protecting their lanes. The match ended with Team Spirit gaining a win with a score of 1:0

Round 3 started late in the afternoon with Red Bull OG squaring off against Team Spirit. Team Spirit won the game with a strategic victory against Red Bull OG 1:0, their second win of the day.

Round 4 started as VGJ Thunder decimated Team Spirit with great plays from Sylar’s aggressive use of Lycan while created an incredible setup with his Batrider. VGJ Thunder earned that win with 1:0 and a ticket to the Grand Finals.

VGJ Thunder

The Grand Finals started late at night as eSports veterans Evil Geniuses(EG) faced off against VGj Thunder. The match started with EG earning an 11-point lead in the first half but VGJ picked up the pace with one win after another, resulting in a final score of 3:0. This was a surprise victory for VGJ Thunder and a massive upset for Evil Geniuses.

Despite the challenges that happened in the weeks before the tournament, DOTA fans and eSports enthusiasts alike supported Galaxy Battles even after the events were over. Overall, Galaxy Battles 2: Emerging Worlds became a massive success thanks to the organizers and overwhelming support of the fans.

Quick Results:

Red Bull OG def. TNC Pro Team (1:0)

Team Spirit def. paIN Gaming (1:0)

Team Spirit def. Red Bull OG (1:0)

VGJ Thunder def. Team Spirit (1:0)

Grand Finals:

VGJ Thunder def. Evil Geniuses (3:0)

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