What is the value of online Education?

Offering education for all is a mission that AMA University is focused on—for the past 80 years, it has continually made the most out of today’s technologies to ensure that quality education is accessible to more and more students.

In 2015, AMA moved to further diminish the barriers to students completing a college degree—by launching AMA Online Education (AMAOEd), the country’s first and only online school that offers full college degrees.

However, for a student population—and for a country more familiar with traditional modes of learning, enrolling in an online school may not be a decision easily made. Hence, understanding the pros and cons of traditional vis-à-vis online education, and vice versa, should help in making that decision.

Thinking of investing in an online degree? AMAOEd gives presents a couple of reasons that may help you see more value in online education—and assess if it is the right choice for you.

Distance and traffic become non-issues.

Time is a scare resource. In a fast paced world, moving efficiently is important. With forces such as distance and traffic affecting our day-to-day routines, finding a system that help us effectively weave in multiple activities in the shortest amount of time is important.

According to online database Numbeo, the average time index for Filipinos reach their destination is 56.10 minutes. This number does not consider factors such as weather, special events, and even accidents. Just imagine the amount of work you could have finished in a span of almost an hour. Luckily, online education gives more room to do more within a specific period of time, limiting the potential hassles caused by distance.

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You can browse through course modules, interact with classmates and teachers, and take exams all in one space. Not only does this allow you to save on transportation costs, you remove unnecessary stress as well.

Digitized sources are cost- and time-efficient.

Our laptops, smartphones, and even tablets have become extensions of ourselves. In fact, a study revealed that an average person spends around 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices!

These gadgets have made it possible for us to do almost anything—from capturing moments to ensuring our lives are scheduled efficiently. As tools for online learning, these gadgets serve as channels to digitized content, content that would have been traditionally published on print and stored in physical libraries and archives.

Online schools typically house digitized content on online learning management systems (LMS), freeing the student from dependence on traditional and often time expensive learning materials and references. These systems are not only more cost-efficient; they also remove the time needed to physically look for multiple sources.

Keep abreast with the digital future

The demands of today’s workforce are becoming heavily digital. In fact, a survey revealed that 90% of employers believe that handling digital devices are crucial in most organizations. In order to keep-up, students have to immerse themselves in the language of the 21st century—be it through mastering e-mail correspondences, working around spreadsheets, and utilizing word processing software.

Thriving in today’s global economy entails utilizing opportunities that develop diverse skill sets fit for modern day work environments. In order to get ahead in the game, college degrees are often looked as enablers of rapid development, and career advancement. Make the active step in start investing for a better future with AMA Online Education.

Browse through the diverse range of courses at www.amauonline.com and figure out what type of learning is fit for you.

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