UT is now Open at SM Megamall

One of the things that people look forward to when visiting Uniqlo is the quirky design on their shirts. You know that when you buy a shirt from Uniqlo, it will have a distinguishing feature that subtly tells you it came from Uniqlo and the UT collection is no different. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection highlights the EPICE design, Futura, KAWS x Peanuts, and MAGIC FOR ALL – Mickey Blue and Star Wars. The collection is not limited to the following though as there will be other popular UT collections that will be available.

Katsumi Kubota, COO of Uniqlo Philippines says that UT is an important part of the Uniqlo LifeWear philosophy. Opening a section in their Megamall branch makes sense because it is the biggest Uniqlo store in the Philippines which makes it the perfect location to showcase the new collection’s wide range and content.

They stay true to their promise of making the lives of Filipinos better by giving them an avenue to wear great clothing at an affordable price and allowing them to express their love for pop culture and individualism. The new dedicated UT space will feature 16 new graphic themes and an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world.


UT Futura (02)

Abstract Expressionist Futura, the art legend from New York, has created a collection for men and boys that presents a mature perspective of the New York art scene and which incorporates a logo and tag designed exclusively for UT by the veteran artist.

ÉPICE Design

A collection for women, girls and babies also features content from ÉPICE Design, famed worldwide for its delightful floral print scarves. The new line up also highlights more playful items for family coordination fun.

KAWS x Peanuts

UT KAWS x Peanuts (02)

KAWS is loved around the world for his whimsical artistic aesthetic. His latest collection for UNIQLO pays homage to Peanuts, with a focus on Snoopy—one of the artist’s earliest subjects. The KAWS x Peanuts UT Collection celebrates this heritage through a reinterpretation of the beloved Snoopy character as “Joe KAWS” who appears throughout the new UT range.

Star Wars Artist Collection

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars’ initial release. More than simply just popular, the movies have become part of contemporary culture around the world. In line with the release of the long-awaited Star Wars: The Last Jedi film,UT has collaborated with three artists, namely James Jarvis, Kevin Lyons, and Geoff McFetridge, to create designs in their own style for this special collection.

• James Jarvis is a graphic artist from London. His work includes cartoons, comics, graphics, sculpture, and print-making with a particular interest in art, language, philosophy, architecture and skateboarding.

• Kevin Lyons, the New York-based designer and illustrator with a wide ranging repertoire is also in on the Star Wars collaboration. Kevin’s “Monster” characters have appeared on everything from skateboards to sneakers for numerous famous brands. With his hybrid style of hand-drawn characters and typography, he’s made something supremely stylish with Star Wars.

• California-based, Canadian-born Geoff McFetridge is known for his work with Spike Jonez on his film “Her” and “Where the Wild Things Are,” as well as his mobility between gallery shows and commercial collaborations. Geoff’s style is minimalist and conceptual while delivering ironic humor often with a dark twist. Now you can wear it as a shirt thanks to a captivating collaboration with UT.


The MICKEY BLUE UT collection features refreshing designs with Mickey Mouse art in an indigo blue dyed look inspired by West Coast beach. The collection comes in sizes for the whole family to enjoy.

UT Mickey Blue (01)

For more information, customers can visit UNIQLO Philippines website at www.uniqlo.com/ph and it’s social media accounts, Facebook (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), Twitter @uniqloph and Instagram @uniqlophofficial.



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