UST Lights Up 2016 Paskuhan Lights

You’ll know that the Yuletide season is just around the corner when Christmas carols echo all over and bright lights illuminate the streets. For UST, the Christmas season is marked by its grand Paskuhan lights and impressive ceremonies which every Thomasian and non-Thomasians alike excitedly await.

This year, UST has decided to go from its usual vibrant and lively arrangement to a more solemn set-up. Students, faculty members, staff members, and even the alumni gathered around Plaza Mayor and the UST Grandstand last December 1, 2016 to witness the much-anticipated opening of the Christmas lights, followed by a magnificent fireworks display. Stunning, vibrant colors filled not only its prominent structures, but also the night sky.

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Jicsheene Silaya, a fourth year Thomasian Applied Math major, describes the UST Paskuhan atmosphere as a lot more laid-back compared to the previous ones. “The Paskuhan tree was a lot plainer than what we’re used to, and if you look at it, you’ll notice that its tip lacks light and decors. It is said that its minimalist approach signified that ‘stars can’t shine without darkness.” She also adds that apart from the lights and Christmas tree, sparkling tower decors were also placed around Plaza Mayor.

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After a while, the University rewarded its selected few crowd with outstanding performances from acclaimed musicians such as conductor Prof. Herminigildo Ranera, the UST Singers, the UST Symphony Orchestra, Coro Tomasino, Liturgikon Ensemble, UST High School Glee Club, students from the UST Conservatory of Music, and the great maestro, Ryan Cayabyab. The said concert was held at the UST Chapel.

Facebook / Rio Leonelle Deluvio
Facebook / Rio Leonelle Deluvio

Despite the change in the famed Paskuhan set-up, Thomasians remain excited for the upcoming line-up of the Paskuhan festivity. The UST Paskuhan Mass is set to happen next on December 15 at the UST Grandstand.

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