How to use books as home decor?

Do you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of books you find hard to dispose of?  Maybe you could use them to add some personal touch to your place.  PSST.Ph shares a few creative ways to utilize your books to good use.

The well-read side table

How to use books as home decor?
How to use books as home decor?

Show off your literary side with a stack of books.  Instead of buying a new side table, improvise and use your books instead.  Place the heaviest on the bottom, smaller ones in the middle and the widest on top.  To hold the books together, put a double sided tape in between books.

Photo book frame

Display your favorite photos using some hardbound books.  Create a frame out of the pages of an old classic book.  This may appear as sacrilege to hurt a favorite read, but you may always opt for your least favored title.

Storage book case

Hollow out an old hardbound book and turn it into a storage box.  Keep your jewelry inside or perhaps a few bills.  Or you can always leave another set on your desk to keep your key, wallet, and mobile phone.

Coffee table collection

How to use books as home decor?
How to use books as home decor?

Books aren’t for bookshelves alone.  Keep favorite books close at hand by displaying them on top your coffee table.  Some personal favorites are not only an eye catching centerpiece but are also great to showcase your interests.  You also give your guests time to flip through some pages as they wait for you.

A book clock

Such a beautiful accent piece to put on top of your bedside table is a do-it-yourself book clock.  It is also a perfect reminder that it is time to read your favorite book for the day.

Books as wall art

Books aren’t confined in bookshelves alone.  You could always make a wall art using your books.  Select a few favorites and stick them to your wall just like how you hang your paintings.

Floor to ceiling bookshelf

How to use books as home decor?
How to use books as home decor?

Got a thousand books you don’t even know what to do?  Invest in a floor to ceiling bookshelf and create an accent wall.  This will give your living space some bold statement.  Sort the books by color to create a bold visual impact.

Books as home décor

Again, books aren’t for bookshelves alone.  You could use them as home accents to make a statement or simply to literally make books a part of your life.

So you’ve got some extra titles you could spare?  How about start with that storage book case or make a lovely side table.  Perhaps you could inspire a house guest or a friend to do the same or even have some interest in books.

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