Unique Finds at Dangwa Flower Market

Dangwa Flower Market also known as “Bulaklakan ng Maynila” is now considered as the biggest source of flowers in the metro. It is located at Dos Castillas Street in Sampaloc, Manila and the stretch extends in Dimasalang and Laon-Laan Streets. Flowers from different parts of the country including Tagaytay, Baguio, Davao, and all over the world like Ecuador, China, India, and Holland can be bought in more than 50 stalls found in the area.

Manila Flower Center is one of the features of Dangwa Flower Market.
Manila Flower Center (MFC) is one of the features of Dangwa Flower Market.

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Psst.ph shares its curated list of the best stalls in Dangwa Flower Market that sell unique flowers that make them stand out among the rest. Take note that it’s peak season so expect more expensive choices that are 50% to 100% higher than the prices during ordinary days. Prices go up from February 10 to 14.

Art Gem Flowers Delight and Organizer

Location: Stall #15 Manila Flower Center, Dos Castillas Street

Contact Number: 0908-357-5667 (Look for Ruby)

Art Gem offers small and huge colorful bouquets for only ₱500 and ₱1,000 respectively. It also has cute and huge sunflowers, ₱80 and ₱200 each, and long-stemmed roses at ₱50 each.

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Lorienne’s Flower Shop

Location: Entrance of Manila Flower Center

Contact Number: 0999-404-776

Lorriene’s Flower Shop is the best stall to shop for stuffed animal bouquets. Price starts at ₱1,000.

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Mhira/Oliver Clave

Location: Stall 8 Manila Flower Center, Laon-Laan Street corner Dos Castillas Street

Contact Numbers: 0917-531-7861 | 0936-902-1779 | 0916-701-9265 | 353-6953

Email Address: mhiraoliver08@yahoo.com

Are you looking for tulips and roses with many color choices or perhaps rainbow Ecuadorian Roses? Mhira/Oliver Clave is the best place to shop for these. Rainbow Ecuadorian Roses costs ₱300 each, Indian Roses costs ₱100, and Tulips costs ₱150 each. A small bouquet is ₱600 while the big one is ₱1,200.

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Northern Blossom

Location: Across Manila Flower Center; Laon-Laan Street corner Dos Castillas Street

Contact Number: 0975-140-7087

Have you ever seen a cabbage floral arrangement? Northern Blossom is the only one in Dangwa offering this. It has the nicest monochromatic “cabbage flowers”, as Sir Ric calls them, at ₱100 each. You don’t need to go to Baguio City just to purchase the famous “Everlasting Flowers.” A bundle of these costs only ₱50.

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Jinky’s Flower Shop

Location: #1318 Dos Castillas Street

Contact Numbers: 0906-328-7622 | 330-1566 | 355-2090

Email Address: jinky023@yahoo.com

To make your flower arrangement unique and bright, Jinky’s Flower Shop sells “Mickey Mouse”, a stem of bright yellow pear-like fruits, at ₱180 per two stems. Aside from the most yellow Mickey Mouse and Sunflowers, the shop also offers the brightest red Indian Roses at ₱700 per 10 pieces and colorful Gerberas for ₱250 a bundle.

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N’s Flower Shop

Location: Beside Jinky’s Flower Shop

Contact Number: 0910-490-6400 (Look for Robert)

N’s Flower Shop is the only one in the stretch along Dos Castillas Street who sells the cheapest, prettiest, freshest, succulents and cacti for only three for ₱100.

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Long Long Siming Flowers

Location: #1326 Dos Castillas Street

Contact Number: 0921-924-0150

If you love Stargazers and Astro, this place  has so much in store for you. This Valentine Season, 10 pieces of Stargazers cost ₱2,000 or ₱200 per piece while Astro costs ₱80 per bundle. For flower arrangement, price starts at ₱500.

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Christian and Michelle Flower Shop

Location: Beside Long Long Siming Flowers

Contact Numbers: 0956-301-9937 | 0945-217-9815

This is the only shop where you can find Sunlight Flowers from China. A set of three of these pretty flowers costs ₱250.

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Blanco’s Flower Shop

Location: Stall 2 Dos Castillas Street

Contact Numbers: 0910-516-7581 | 522-1130 (Look for Johna)

Blanco’s Flower Shop is one of the stalls who sell affordable flower arrangements composed of China Roses, Gerberas, and more. A small bouquet costs ₱450 while a huge one costs ₱800. Long-stemmed China Roses cost ₱100 to ₱150 each.

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Kitkat Flower Shop

Location: In front of Blanco’s Flower Shop

Contact Number: 0916-598-4371

Kitkat Flower Shop sells Carnation (₱300 per 10 pieces), Statis (₱150 a bundle), and bear stuffed toys (₱150). It has nice Sunflowers too at ₱250 per piece.

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Nicole’s Flower Shop

Location: Approximately two stalls away from Blanco’s Flower Shop

Contact Number: 313-9180

If you prefer long-stemmed Holland Roses in pink, red, and white, Nicole’s is the right shop for you. Each bundle costs ₱900 composed of 22 to 24 roses. The staff said that the price goes high during peak season (Holy Week, Mother’s Day, All Saints’/Souls’ Day, and Valentine’s Day). During non-peak season, a bundle normally costs ₱80 to ₱100 only.

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Nene’s Flower Shop

Location: In front of Northern Blossom

Contact Numbers: 0947-444-3798 | 313-9373

For a wide array of choices, go to Nene’s Flower Shop. It offers flower arrangements with Ferrero Rocher and its Paper Roses (₱800 per bundle), China Roses (₱700 per bundle), and Misty Blue from China (₱150 per bundle) are divine! Its Stargazers cost ₱200 each.

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Always remember, it’s the thought that counts. More than the pretty flowers or nice gifts, what you do everyday not just on special occasions to show how much you love and care is what truly matters. Enjoy the season of love!

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