OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

As you open this post and read, don’t dare continue reading if the first Valentine’s date idea isn’t exciting. creates this list to give you truly unique ideas that would put a smile on your loved one’s face.  No doubt, too,  the list will melt her heart and make her realize how grateful she is for having you as her  better half.

Body paint each other

OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine's day
OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

Rent a studio for the day and load it with face and body paint.  After a sumptuous meal, invite your partner to undress and get serious as you paint each other.  Have a background music that would best suit your mood.  Be silly, romantic, and intimate.  It’s just the two of you inside so don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

If you’re a little conservative, playing war games through paintball is an excellent alternate to body paint.  More than the great bonding, it can be a real candid experience, helping you know more about each other.  Cap the day sharing the shower room together as you wash those paint off your body.

Do extreme sports for a day

Bungee jump or do the zip line.  You may also opt for kayaking and cliff diving.  The idea is to engage in an adrenaline-filled date that would leave your heart racing like crazy.  Surely at the end of each session, hugs, kisses, and smiles to each other are aplenty.

There is always something incredible about extreme sports that bring lovers closer together.  Take advantage of those tight hugs and warm embraces.  Be home tired yet definitely feeling accomplished.

OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine's day
OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

Recreate your first date

Impress your loved one by recreating your first date.  Bring her to the same place where you first held hands or first kissed.  Or it may be where you first meet and felt that you are meant for each other.  Reminiscence those awkward moments and retell how careful you were not to ruin everything.   And before you leave the place, profess once more your love and reassure her that your feelings deepened.

Rent an expensive ride for a day

This may sound insane especially if this isn’t your lifestyle.  But your lady love would surely be dumbfounded with a Ferrari or a Lamborghini waiting by her driveway.   Go on a road trip, and load your car with lots of chips, soda or just anything to munch.  Do not forget to bring a few of your partner’s favorite compilation of songs.  The idea is to be free, merry, and bold while keeping your hands on the wheel of the country’s or even the world’s most expensive car.  But more than that, your loved one would truly feel overwhelmed with the importance you’re throwing her way.

Stage a burlesque show

Tease your loved one; flirt with her, and make yourself desired.  Stage a burlesque show in the comforts of your bedroom or a hotel room.  Spend the night flirting and act as if you’re one small-town singer who performs at a burlesque nightclub.

OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine's day
OPEN AND READ. Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

Complete the scene with a table, some wine, and nightclub lights. Use feather boa or that fashion accessory usually worn wrapped around the neck like a scarf to tease your partner as you sway and dance.  Enjoy the night, the company, and the experience.

Unique date ideas for Valentine’s day

These are only five of the many other unique ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Surely, these are something your loved one will not easily forget.  So why not book a room for your private burlesque show or body painting session? Don’t forget to message us what happens next after your date night.

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