Union Bank’s EON Selfie Banking Technology

The digital technology has given us amazing innovations over the years. It has completely changed the way we interact with the world and our overall lifestyle. Who would have thought that there will come a time when your face or your voice can give you secure access to your banking transaction? This is good news especially in this era of digitization where cybersecurity can be easily compromised.

A more secure banking is what UnionBank’s EON want to provide to its account holders as they launch the first ever selfie banking in the Philippines. Selfie in banking? Imagine yourself posing for a selfie when in actuality you are logging in to your bank account.


This security feature is available by way of EON PH app. The first of its kind in the country, this selfie banking technology is free if you are Union Bank’s EON holder which is its internet-based debit card as well as deposit account. With this feature EON has undergone a major revamp and makes their authentication process easier.

We all know that most account holders fears of theft so they tend to constantly change their passwords. Passwords can be easily forgotten, so with face recognition you no longer have to make one as your face is now your password. Isn’t that an amazing platform?

During the official launch of EON’s Selfie Banking held at the Valkyrie Nightclub at The Palace last April 7, 2017, Union Bank CEO Justo Ortiz said that this kind of platform is being used by even the most highly secured companies around the world and we are first in this country when it comes to banking transaction. In months to come EON plans of additional biometrics like the voice recognition in addition to the fingerprint and face authentication they have now.


Beyond online shopping, EON’s original purpose has gotten bigger and it is now built around its account holders’s lifestyle that has become digital.

EON mobile app

So how can you avail of this?

Getting your EON Account is very easy. You can buy it from any Union Bank branches or any 7 Eleven stores or order it thru Lazada. The best part is you no longer have to go to the bank and waste time to fill out forms to activate it.

With your all-new EON card, there is an EMV smartchip inside to keep your money extra safe. You can use the card to pay for your utility bills; pay for your purchases at retail store, buy airtime load, prepaid credits, or other stuff online or through the EON PH app.You can also avail of the free subscription to My Shopping Box worth $25. Also, the card comes with 50 pesos into your account to start off.

For more information visit www.unionbankph.com



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