Uber now allows multiple stops on your trip

Previously only available to Grab users, Uber has finally enabled the feature that lets you drop-off multiple people along your route.
Ever had that time where you happen to be going in the same direction as your friend or family member but it’s a little bit out of the way and that doing so will increase you fare exponentially based on extra distance diverted and the extra time it took for your ride to have made a those turns?
Well, now Uber is allowing you to get 3 of your friends to join you on your ride home so long as you meet the following requirements: You will not get any form of extra charges in you UberX, UberBlack, or UberXL rides (since those have now, finally, come to flat rates and the rates are determined by demand, distance, and relative information about traffic situations and time it takes to get there based on Waze and Google) so long as you keep within 3 minutes off your original route.
So don’t get too creative and come from QC to Makati while taking a detour in Cubao to C5 only to come back your route in Ortigas and then all the way through Rockwell to arrive at Makati, for example. In case that should happen, and if you’re paying via credit card, you can split the bill amongst your friends and family members with calculations starting from Php 10 per participating rider and then goes up from there based on distance traveled away from original route and the amount of time it took to drop-off the participating member.

It is tedious and will require some real-world experience to be able to determine the actual costs of being able to do so; or an actual scenario from Uber themselves to be able to let customers calculate for themselves on how much it will actually cost.