The Twenties: Comparing Yourself to Others Ruins Your Personal Goals

Being in your twenties means achieving your early adulthood goals and setting standards for the remaining years of your life. As you move through your twenties, you see your peers start locking down everything that society expects as you progress down the approved track of life: a steady job, a steady partner, a house, a car, kids, and so forth.

Particularly at some point before you reach your thirty when engagements and weddings are blowing up your feeds or passports and visas  snowstorm your friends’ social media stories, you seem lacking something and start feeling left out far behind. And when you see yourself far from reaching this point, you start to panic and look at yourself falling beyond the norm.

comaparing yourself to others can ruin your personal goals; the twenties
Society and social media emblazes us into thinking that we’re missing the essential components of life. Being shown the tracks others trek make it seem we don’t have or are not ourselves enough. The world has changed adaptively for more opportunities where personal choice and practical living is always welcome. Realistically, the marriage / house / cars / kids / career progression is completely beyond reasonable reach for millennials. The fact that it is still considered as a standard of living is ludicrous.

There is a simple solution to this: stop giving a single sh*t (pun intended) to what anyone else thinks. The only standard of happiness that you need to meet is your own. The sooner you stop checking your life against other people’s milestones, the clearer your own path will be.

Having a clear personal goal sets you a journey only you can appreciate. Let them have families, drive cars, work abroad, or build houses. It’s their life and you have your own journey. Mind your business because once you compare your milestones to others, you will lose your own track.

Appreciate your personal achievements. Looking how far your personal development has become is something you should be proud of. If the media is what draws you back to losing your confidence, see it as a challenge to work more on your goals. Remember, no coffee achieves the perfect taste unless being stirred. In the same way, stir your life with challenges. When you do, you’ll have the best blend you long for in the end.

*Featured photo courtesy of The Indian Express
Vinz Eusala

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