Travel Vlog this summer with the Samsung A8 and A8+

The itch to travel and take a well-deserved vacation away from the city only grows stronger, and so does the need to document all your adventures in motion through vlogging, to relive the full experience time and time again.

What makes a good vlog?

You already have your destination picks. Whether you’re planning to go to a beach, walk in the sidewalks of a big city, or go backpacking, each place already has a beautiful view waiting for you. All you have to do is to pick a good angle – grab your camera, gather your friends, and take it from there!

However, when taking vlogs, a lot of us think that investing in a lot of professional equipment is a must. While using these won’t hurt, it’s also good to know that a high quality camera that is always one step ahead, regardless of the weather or environment you are at, is all you’ll ever really need – and more. The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ proves just that, with its ability to capture the whole adventure with you, whether you’re in land, up in the air, or underwater.

A quality camera that’s as adventurous as you are


Perfect for your once in a lifetime adventures, the Galaxy A8 and A8+ is equipped with a 16 and 8 megapixel dual front camera that lets you take your vlogs from any perspective you want – with breathtaking backgrounds in motion! It’s also geared with a 16 megapixel rear camera that allows you to take a piece of each scenery with you – regardless if you’re vlogging from afar or from a close distance. Its live focus and adjustable blur feature also lets you capture the entire experience in any mode you want.

Experience the best of everything – and everywhere!


Designed to let you experience the best of everything, the Galaxy A8 and A8+ is the perfect device that brings you quality, style, and convenience no matter where you are. It sports an infinity display that allows you to view each photo and watch each vlog in remarkable quality, a face recognition feature and a Bixby Interface that lets you access and use your phone with ease at any time, and an IP68 water and dust resistance that combats the elements for you – be it deep waters or strong winds, allowing you to enjoy the experience and capture each second seamlessly.

For more details on the new Galaxy A8 and A8+, you can visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio located at Bonifacio Global City,Taguig or visit our websites, log on to .

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