Toyota Rush: Soon to hit Philippine Roads

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) has never ceased to give Filipinos vehicles they need to suit their various needs. Following its debut in Indonesia, TMPC is about to introduce to Philippine roads the Toyota Rush Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The 2018 model is the second-generation variant. Go to this link to view the promotional video – Toyota Rush.

2018 rush
The 2018 Toyota Rush. Soon to hit Philippine roads. C: PHILKOTSE.COM

Size and Design

The Rush is classified as an SUV though slightly smaller than its older sibling the Fortuner with a sportier look with a 4,435 x 1,695 x 1,705 body, slightly longer than the first-generation model. Its wheelbase is 2,685 mm longer and front-rear spacing is 1,450 mm. Its lowest ground clearance is 220 mm making driving on Philippine roads more comfortable and safer. It helps when it has tough underguards in the front and rear to protect the underside.

The front fascia has a dark chrome 4-slat front dark chrome grille. It is sandwiched by a pair of LED headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights and fog lamps. The second-generation Rush keeps the spare tire under the trunk instead of being attached to the back door in the first-generation.

The rear door is opened to the top rather than the side. The rear has LED quarter-flanking taillights, a spoiler mounted at the tailgate, another spoiler at the top and a sharkfin-shaped antenna. The sides have roof rails and directional-style 17-inch alloy wheels. The hood is anything but plain as it sports curves to enhance the vehicle’s looks. It has an emergency brake signal giving other motorists ample time to respond.

Under the Hood

Opening the hood, the Rush has a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve 2NR-VE engine with dual VVT-i, capable of generating 103 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 136 nm at 4,200 rpm. This allows the vehicle to negotiate steep inclines with ease as well as providing economical fuel consumption.

In tandem with the engine, you have a choice of a 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. Another feature is the secure hill start assist which allows it to get moving upon starting the car from an inclined position without worrying about gravity pulling you down once the parking brake is disengaged. This is further enhanced by the rear-wheel drive of the vehicle.

The suspension uses a MacPherson strut front suspension system with Stabilizer and Coil Spring, and a 5-link Lateral Rod with Cpil Spring and Stabilizer in the rear, making it able to take the toughest punishment roads have to offer that makes driving relatively gentle.

What’s Inside?

rush interior
The interior of the Toyota Rush. NOTE: This is a right-hand drive version. C: PHILKOTSE.COM

When you enter the Rush, you will find the interior to be amply roomy good for 7 people and for whatever cargo is transported.  Comfort and style is present with soft-touch trim on key parts – the door handles and parts of the front section. There is an automatic air conditioning system with a digital display that will show the temperature.

Amenities abound the Rush such as power slots in every row seat which is handy for charging your favorite gadgets. The front boasts of sophisticated systems. The instrument panel is colored making it pleasing to the eye. The same is true with the 7-inch touch screen which also comes with a rear camera that allows you to see what is behind, especially when parking. The monitor allows you to plug in your smartphone if you need to listen to your playlist and the Rush is equipped with a set of eight speakers that turns it into a mobile entertainment system.

rush interior 2
The interior of the Rush is roomy (7-seater) with SRS airbags in six positions. C: PHILKOTSE.COM

Toyota has safety in mind and it gave the vehicle 6 SRS airbags on vital positions. The driver side has a 7-seat belt indicator that lets the driver know if everyone is strapped in, not to mention anti-lock braking systems. The steering wheel is adjustable, allowing you to tilt it upward or downward to a position you are more comfortable. Starting and stopping the car is no problem with a smart engine start/stop button in lieu of keys. The driver has a commanding view of what is ahead with an elevated seat, something needed if you are behind the wheel of a large vehicle.

How Much?

There is no official word yet on how much the Toyota Rush will cost. The price range of the first generation is between 890,774 and 994,369 PhP. The 2018 model is expected to be 10-20% higher.

While it is pricey, you need to consider what the Toyota Rush has to offer given the features. You can say it will be worth its weight in gold. With that, we look forward to seeing the 2018 Toyota Rush hitting Philippine roads in a few weeks time.


Featured Image Source: PHILKOTSE.COM

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