Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale Happening on November 2017

Christmas time is fast approaching. Filipinos though the years are learning that it is for their own convenient and stress-free preparations that they should avoid the holiday rush. Different sale events in the Metro and other parts of the country are emerging as early as September to give ample time for shoppers to purchase ahead of time Christmas gifts for their loved-ones or store “emergency gifts” in case the situation calls for it.

Christmas has always been associated with kids and the young at heart. Those innocent souls look forward to Christmas when they will get from their parents or godparents the toys that they wish for. That’s why, one of the sale events that everyone is waiting for is a toy sale event. Annually, there is a huge toy sale event that most Filipinos are saving and getting ready for and that is Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale happening next month! It’s getting bigger, better, and more exciting on its 11th year.

Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale Happening on November 2017

Start your holiday shopping at Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale where you can get tons of savings on toys! To guide you on your shopping, here are your frequently asked questions answered by Toy Kingdom for you to have a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience.

What is the event?

Toy Warehouse Sale is an annual sale of Toy Kingdom where branded toys and other items are discounted as much as 70% off.

 When and where is the event?

It will be on November 3 to 5 at Megatrade Hall SM Megamall. Entrance is at Hall2 while exit is at Hall 1.


What time will Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale be open?

November 3, Friday, from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

November 4 and 5, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Is the event free?

No entrance/door charge/registration to enter the venue


Will there be an extension of the sale?

There will be no extension of the sale. However, there will be other sale events in the coming months.


Will there be a two hour special or preview sale for SM Advantage or SM Prestige Card Holders?

No two hour special or preview sale.


Should I bring the whole family at the Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?

There is a warehouse sale and there will be lots of people who have one thing in mind: shop and get the best toy deals. While we want to accommodate everyone, we suggest that you do not bring babies and small kids for their safety and convenience.


Will there be a lot of people during the sale?

Yes! We are on our 11th year and each year, the number of people keeps growing.


How many cashiers do you have?

There are 24 counters which can accept cash, credit, debit, and approved gift certificates as mode of payment. The speed of each counter is determined by the number of toys bought by each customer. Since the toys are really bargain price, a lot of people are buying cart full of toys and we appreciate little patience and understanding from everyone in line.


What are the acceptable modes of payment?

Accepted: cash, credit card, Toy Kingdom Gift Card, SM Gift Card, SM Gift Pass, Sodexho Gift Certificate

Not accepted: Toy Gift Cheque obtained via BDO Treats Promo


For credit card transactions, can I opt to pay in installment during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?

Only locally-issued credit cards can avail the promo. Minimum purchase of Php3,000 is required to avail 3/6 month installment payment at 0% interest.


What credit cards are accepted during the sale?

All major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)


Will there be a priority lane? Who can use the priority lane?

Yes, there is a priority lane for Senior Citizens, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.


Will there be a special area for children?

No special area for children.


Will you give free gift wrappers during the toy warehouse sale?

Gift wrappers will not be given during the sale.


Do you sell Toy Kingdom Wrappers?

We do not sell Toy Kingdom gift wrappers but generic gift wrappers and Toy Kingdom tote bags are for sale.


Is there gift wrapping service during Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale?

This service is not provided during the sale.


Can I have items purchased at the toy warehouse sale gift wrapped at another Toy Kingdom branch?

Our branches can only gift wrap the items bought at the store. They cannot gift wrap items purchased from the sale.


Will there be an area where we can leave our belongings?

No baggage area at the event.


Will you provide the customers with plastic bags upon checking out?

Yes, we will provide customers with plastic bags but you may bring your own tote or eco bags.


Do you accept reservations?

No reservations allowed.


Now it’s time to prepare your toy shopping list now for Toy Kingdom Toy Warehouse Sale! For more updates and information, you may visit Toy Kingdom (Official) on Facebook. Enjoy!


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