Top Ten Facts about 7-Eleven Philippines

7-Eleven, the undisputed leader in convenience retailing has made a significant milestone especially to its licensee in the country, the Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), as they celebrate the opening of its 2,000th store. The latest addition is located at LV Locsin Building Makati City.

Official 7 Eleven PH
Official 7 Eleven PH

For more than three decades now, 7-Eleven has adapted to the needs of its Pinoy customers despite being a global brand. They have come a long way and has become a leading innovator in the convenience retailing industry. It has continue to serve its customers with snacks, drinks, meals and other services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


As a global store chain, 7-Eleven now has over 60,000 stores in 17 countries making it the largest convenience retailer in the world.

7-Eleven has been bringing modern conveniences to more Filipinos and have been grateful to be a part of the customer’s daily life.

Here are the top ten facts about 7-Eleven Philippines you should know:

7-Eleven opened its first store during the very turbulent times of 1984. It is located at the corner of EDSA and Kamias Street in Kamuning, Quezon City. It has long been close to give way to road restructuring.

Fast Numbers. 7-Eleven has 1,638 stores in Luzon including Metro Manila, 255 stores in Visayas, and 107 stores in Mindanao.

It took 18 years for 7-Eleven to open a store in the Visayas while it is only in 2015 that 7-Eleven has its first store in Mindanao, the store is located at the Abreeza of the Ayala Malls, Davao.

It took the company 12 years to open the first 100 stores in the Philippines. In 2010, they opened their 500th store. The 1000th store was reached in 2014 and now to 2,000 store in just over two years. On 2015, 7-Eleven laid out its plan to populate the Philippines with 10,000 stores in the next eight years.

Did you know that in the past two presidential elections held in the country, 7-Eleven correctly predicted the winner of the presidential race? By way of The Voice of the GULP Generation local survey campaign the customers participated and placed their “votes.” It is done by purchasing its signature drink the “Gulp” and picking the cup of their choice with the image and name of their presidential aspirant.

57 percents of 7-Eleven total stores are owned by franchisees while the remaining 43 percents is owned by the PSC.

There are thirty five 7-Eleven stores whose format and design is patterned after the Taiwan 7-Eleven stores.

Ever noticed why some 7-Eleven stores have security officer and others have not? Whatever the case, 7-Eleven management enforced security measures in and outside of their store. All 7-Eleven stores have CCTVs and in cases where hold-up attempts were made, employees are taught not to resist and to only have 2,000 pesos in their cash register at all times.

7-Eleven always innovate with their products. They always have something new to offer for their snacks, drinks and meals. Some of their newest products are Sweet Pao, 7Fresh Bangusilog, Slurpee Halo-Halo, Tuna Mayo Siopao, BearBrand Yogu, and Pekish Rice Crisp to name a few.

7-Eleven is your one-stop store for bills payments. They also offer loyalty program thru its CliQQ Rewards and soon will roll out stores with wifi connection. They also started its e-commerce initiatives to take advantage of the emerging digital retail market.


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