Top 5 Terrifying Creatures In Resident Evil

Resident Evil has always been a great horror game. The franchise helped popularize the survival horror genre. The game has a lot scary moments, great characters and to top it off, creepy monster designs. Zombies are not the only scary thing in Resident Evil as we count down the top five scariest creatures in the franchise.



  1. Lickers (Resident Evil 2)


These were first introduced in the hallway scene in Raccoon Police Department. Lickers are zombies further mutated with the T-Virus. They are blind, walk in all fours, has sharp teeth and long stretchable tongue.

What makes them terrifying?

They are basically Carnage in Spiderman, with a mix of Xenomorphs from Alien. They attack in pairs, stalking their prey until they are vulnerable and alone. When opportunity strikes, they pounce on the helpless victim, killing them without giving their victims a chance to scream in terror.


  1. Hunters (RE 0-Resident Evil Outbreak)

Every old school Resident Evil fan remembers the Hunters. They are lizard-like creatures that use terrifying ferocity and attack in numbers to hunt down their foe.

What makes them terrifying?

They are large and are surprisingly nimble for their size. What’s worse is their high resistance to bullets. They are basically running Kevlar vests and the only way to kill these creatures are to shoot them dead-on with grenades or with a magnum.



  1. Regenerator (Resident Evil 4)

The Regenerators are late game enemies that look like tall, lumbering humans with sharp teeth. These creatures are experimental bioweapons that house many Plaga leeches in their body.

What makes them terrifying?

For starters, their name literally means “regenerator”. If players blindly shoot their body parts, it grows back into something more hideous. The only way to defeat a regenerator is to shoot it with a sniper rifle, equipped with an infared scope and shoot the glowing Plaga inside.



  1. Jack Baker (Resident Evil 7)

The patriarch of the Baker family appears to look like a psychopath, taunting the player. He is the second creature, and the first family member that Ethan encounters in the game.

What makes him terrifying?

He is immortal. No matter how many bullets, fire hazards, or chainsaw blows the player throw at him, he always gets back up. He even demonstrated how tough he is by shooting himself in the face, and lived.



  1. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Finally, the most iconic and most terrifying of all creatures to hold the crown is none other than the S.T.A.R.S killer himself, Nemesis.

What makes him terrifying

The Nemesis’ hate for S.T.A.R.S makes him a terrifying foe. He stalks and hunts them down. He has the intelligence of a living person and is able to wield guns. Lethal when unarmed, he injects the T-Virus from his tentacles to his victims. Most players are forced to run away from him when he appears on the screen.

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