Top 5 reasons why the Marquis Events Place is Manila’s Most Chic and Impressive Event Venue

Imagine yourself in a Vera Wang or a Rosa Clara wedding gown. Now imagine your reception area, a room that can sit a thousand in banquet-style and more in theatre-style yet intimate and personal as you prefer it. Is there a place like that in the city?


Yes, there is and for someone who have been to the best hotels and event places, yours truly is in total awe at the beauty and grandeur of the Marquis Events Place. Marquis is the newest events place to open its doors in Bonifacio Global City. It is more than a big space and it is inspired by the legend of a thousand paper cranes and with a bespoke approach to events, this is the event place where your aspirations for a grand celebration take flight. A venue that will leave a lasting impression for its uniqueness and impressive air.


Owned by the siblings Laura Lim Rodrigo, Lorraine Lim Aguila and Lorlyn Lim Almazora, Marquis came from a concept of providing a well-crafted place where your defining moment – whether wedding, family occasion, debut, prom, corporate social, meetingor conference – can unfold.PHOTO 4


Here are the top 5 reasons why the Marquis Events Place is Manila’s Most Chic and Impressive Event Venue.

Prom setup

Soaring Interiors


The elegance and optimism of the paper cranes unfold in every detail of the venue, from the carpet all the way up to the 7-meter high ceiling. The interior design has been created for those with discriminating standards. In this well-crafted place, events decor would be the least of your worries.

A seamless takeoff

Marquis is as functional as it is beautiful.

A room that can sit a thousand in banquet-style and more in theatre-style, the main ballroom is versatile and can be divided into 3 smaller ballrooms and as much as 7 salons depending on your needs. The walls have sound insulation to keep even the grandest of events intimate and personal.


There’s a space for a prom or a debut complete with a dazzling dance floor or a child birthday celebration big enough to put a playground among others.


Perfect Amenities

There are VIP rooms that can double as dressing room, lounge, or bride’s room. The venue is equipped with A/V implements, WiFi, and business facilities so that technical preparations, logistics, and organization are effortless.

At Marquis, every detail is well thought out and tailor-fit. Coupled with the impeccable service of its dedicated management staff, your event is set to be a success here.

A gastronomic unfolding of experiences

Because food is half of the experience, a team of international culinary experts can serve meticulously prepared cuisine for any occasion, ensuring that every dish is to your taste.

Located in the most progressive part of the Metro

Marquis Events Place is located at the 3/F Park Triangle Building, 11th Avenue at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, a commercial and social hub of progressive Metro Manila which is easily accessible whether you’re coming from north and south part of the city.

For more details, you can check them out at or contact 663-7487, 663-7438, 663-7451, or for oculars and event bookings.

Follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook: @MarquisEventsVenue Instagram: @marquiseventsph#MarquisBGC

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