Top 5 Key Findings of the 2016 Pru Life UK Relationship Index (PRI)

They say Filipinos are among the most romantic people in the world. It is proven by the popularity of “hugot lines” currently sweeping the social media or in cases when celebrating an occasion like Valentines Day. But when money is involved, is the relationship still as fulfilling or romantic as the Pru Life UK Relationship Index indicates?


Pru Life UK, the leader in innovative insurance, recently made a study about relationship index among ten countries in Asia to better understand the state of relationship between partners, parents, children, friends and relatives. The ten countries are China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indoneisia, Vietnman and the Philippines. A score of 100 on the Pru Life UK Relationship Index (PRI) means that a person’s primary relationship fulfills 100 percent of what they want from that relationship.


The highlights of the PRI showed that among the ten countries, the Philippines ranked second with 79 percent satisfaction score while Vietnam surprisingly in the first place have 83 percent. China, South Korea and Hong Kong are the least fulfilled countries in the index.

While the Philippines ranked second in terms of relationship satisfaction, Filipinos have the highest relationship scores in terms of relationship with children, friends and with their partners proving how closely knit we are as a race.

But when money is involved, who is in charge of it in a relationship? It is proven that money can be the main source of disagreement between couples or the relationship as a whole. Who is in charge or who decides where the money goes is indeed a big question.


In the survey, it was revealed that more than half of the Filipino respondents say that both the men and woman in a relationship have equal responsibility about where the money goes or how they spend it. Even so, 48 percent of men say they have the most control in spending on big things with only 13 percent of women agree on this. 53 percent of women in a relationship say that they have the control of day to day spending while 34 percent of men agree on this.

During the launch and presentation of the 2016 PRI, Speakers Gizelle Camua and Rose Fres Fausto talked about money and relationship. They focused on the result of the survey and the ability to make sound decision in handling a couple’s finances and that handling of them is not just about Math. It was reiterated that a couple is not only “one in heart and soul, but also in balance sheet.”

Oveall, the results of the survey indicate very key findings that every couple must understand in a relationship. Here are the top 5 findings:

 Be with Me.

Filipinos are indeed romantic. They value partners who share their interest and enjoy doing things together. It is very important in a good relationship.

 Let me Be.

Respecting each other individuality is a must. Filipinos value partners who respect their individuality. They may be a good couple but each one has its own personality.

Never stop showing how much you love me.

Filipinos are among the showiest when it comes to love. PDAs may be frowned upon but we have come to deal with it. Among Asians, 87 percent of the respondents tell their partners “I love you” once a week while 68 perent do it every day.

Darling, I’d rather be alone. With my phone!

Celphone have become the bane of our society. It is disheartening to see a group of people dining together but each of them engrossed with their phone. In the survey, it was indicated that 24 percent of adults in the Philippines say their partners sometimes prefer their mobile phones to being intimate with them.

 Filipinos are fiery.

In the survey, 35 percent of the Filipino respondents argue with their partners at least once a week, the highest among the ten countries. Money is the most likely source of arguments for the Filipino couples at 46 percent, followed by technology. 46 percent argue about lack of attention from partners and 37 percent argue about their partners spending too much time on the phone and computer.

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