Top 5 Accessories for BMW MC Riders

Commuting on a motorcycle is very popular in spite of the many risks because it is convenient and one of the cheapest mode of transportation. A motorcycle is very much cheaper than a car, the fuel consumption is much lower, and the maintenance is easier and cheaper.

These days, motorcyclists are more safety conscious and you can see motorcycle helmets being worn by motorcyclists when riding on their motorcycle. In most countries, there is a law requiring every motorcyclist to wear a helmet. Wearing a motorcycle helmet helps to protect the rider against fatal injuries to their head, brain and face in case of an accident. Accident statistics have revealed that most fatal injuries or death were due to motorcyclist not wearing a helmet.

 Besides wearing a helmet, most motorcyclists would be found wearing a riding jacket. The purpose of wearing a riding jacket is to protect from the extreme weather conditions. A high-quality motorcycle jacket is designed and constructed to protect the wearer from serious abrasion to the upper body in case of a crash or fall. When you shop at motorcycle apparel shops or from online stores, you can also purchase motorcycle casual clothing which you can wear under your riding jacket.

 There are many motorcycle brands and you can choose a motorcycle according to the brand, the style, its fuel consumption, its performance, or its durability, etc. Some of the popular motorcycle brands include Yamaha, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, and many others.

It doesn’t matter which brand is your motorcycle, every motorcycle comes with its various accessories and parts, and after riding the motorcycle for a certain period of time, you will need to have some of the worn out parts replaced. If you are riding a BMW motorcycle, you will definitely be interested in the top 5 accessories for your machine such as electronics, tools, oil and chemicals, luggage & packs, and security.

Electronics accessories include navigator GPS units, Bluetooth Headset Intercom, Action camera, and etc. Tools come in handy for motorcyclists when it comes to doing minor repair or maintenance on the machine, especially the tire repair kit. Engine guards, splash guards, highway pegs and windscreens are used to protect the bike and to equip it for touring adventures. For night riding, the LED lighting options will improve the rider’s visibility and safety.

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