Top 3 reasons for failed marriage

The Philippines is the only remaining country in the world that does not allow divorce.
In place of divorce, the Philippine law allows married couples to legally separate.  Legal separation does not end a union, but couples may live separately and have their properties split.  Another option is an annulment, which is a rather lengthy and expensive court proceeding.
Top 3 reasons for failed marriage

Sadly, most couples especially from the marginalized sectors, who do not have the resources, end up separating without undergoing the legal process.
Statistics show that 34 percent of marriages in the Philippines end in separation even before they reach their 20th wedding anniversary.  PSST.Ph gathers the top three common reasons that marriages fail.  Perhaps it would surprise you to know that the number one cause of separation is too shallow or uncomplicated at all.

Top 3 reasons for failed marriage

Failed marriage reason 3: Trust
Beyond love, it is trust that made one hold on to a relationship and eventually pushed him to the wedding. Issues of extramarital affairs, flings and the like are most likely to break down trust.  Repetitive matters on honesty would eventually lead to difficulty giving back the trust. Thus marriage is probably to break down.
Failed marriage reason 2: Money
Top 3 reasons for failed marriage
Though most say “love conquers all,” money, on the contrary, is a constant factor to express love.  One needs money to give security, food, and even wants.  Separation is most likely to happen when money becomes a consistent topic of disagreement. Unsettled differences on values how to handle finances is another money issue that may lead to the road of divorce.
Failed marriage reason 1: Communication
The urge to end a relationship does not happen overnight.  Problems tend to build up over time. Not openly communicating the need to resolve indifference may reach to wanting to divorce or separate.
Communication is vital in any relationship.   Without such, distance and indifference replace love and care.  Speculations arise and misinterpretation like “he does not care anymore” happens.  When mealtime and bedtime are the quietest, divorce or separation may come next.

Failed marriage reasons

The most common issue couples face as they struggle through marriage is their lack of intention to invest in their relationship.  Communication is vital, and every husband and wife should spend time and energy to communicate.  Many marriages may be saved if only the bad habit of keeping mum and letting the other partner guess your feelings are set aside.
Top 3 reasons for failed marriage


Communication and marriage go hand in hand.  You cannot just rely on love or material things for the union to work.  As always, a good marriage thrives on the open exchange of emotion, desires, and beliefs. Those feelings, desires, and beliefs are better expressed through communication and not gestures and gifts alone. Save your marriage.  Communicate and let your love be heard.
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  • Wendy

    The communication thing baffles me. We Filipinos love to talk. Why would communication between spouses be a problem? Unless they don’t enjoy talking to each other, communication or lack of it shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, there must be an underlying problem resulting in lack of proper communication between them.