Top 10 reasons why choose a career in a cruise ship

Ever wondered why many are lured to having a job in a cruise line? Well, there’s more than just the free travels, tax-free pay, endless seas and long weeks and months of being away from your loved ones many of us think about when working in a cruise ship.

In the Philippines alone, the hospitality industry is expected to flourish as seen in the first quarter of 2017 and has a projected spike until 2021 due to the rising number of tourist arrivals and hotel buildings. This is why Filipinos are well-known as experts in the hospitality service.

work in a cruise ship

Not only Filipinos overshadow in providing quality services in hotels and restaurants all over the world. Many Filipinos also dominate cruise line jobs and these are the main reasons why many choose to having a secured career far in the seas.

1. Travel the world for free

London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney are just among the beautiful places you can visit while working in a cruise line. International cruise ship often makes a stop in a particular country (they call it port of call) and the crew are given the opportunity to get off the ship for some free time and shopping. This is the perfect moment for grand selfies that highlight the beautiful spot in the world where you may be.

2. Expand your horizon and get to know other cultures

Bonjour! Como Estas? Konnichiwa! As you go to different places in the world, you get to meet and interact with people and have a knowledge of other cultures and languages. A cruise ship job expands your knowledge and view of the world and presents you with opportunities to make friends.

3. Earn money that can pay for your dream like buying a house and lot for your family


Did you know that many home buyers are people who work in cruise line. Cruise ship workers enjoy excellent earning potential and are able to save money that makes it possible for them to buy big-ticket items such as house and lot.

4. Earn in dollars that is tax-free

Yes, you read it right. Cruise ship companies pay their workers in US dollars tax free. With the high exchange rate for the dollar, think of all the moolah you will receive from payday to payday.

5. Enjoy free accommodation inclusive of free meals and other perks

Cruise ship employees enjoy free board and lodging including free meals. Other perks, besides the opportunity to visit areas where the cruise line makes a port of call, include free laundry and tips from cruise customers that could double one’s income.

6. Medical and Insurance benefits

Apart from comfortable stay in the ship, cruise line employees enjoy medical benefits and insurance. The ship is also equipped with a medical clinic, where employees can seek medical attention.

7. Learn from experts in the field and get the skills that will ensure lifetime jobs

One of the advantages of pursuing a job in a cruise line is the knowledge that you learn from the experts in the field. Newbies are taught by professionals who have already enjoyed years of experience working in a cruise line. The good thing about this is you get to know first-hand from these professionals what it’s like to be really working in a ship and it helps you manage your expectations.

8. If you’re a high school graduate, you can enroll in short courses that get’s you in a cruise line

Pursuing a career in a cruise ship has a requirement that you can easily accomplish–having a high school diploma.

9. Opportunity of landing a job if you enroll in a hospitality course


ASHA Asian School of Hospitality Arts

There a many hospitality training schools and centers in the Philippines of international cruise ship brands that provide quality training and world-class experience to get you ready for a job in a cruise ship.

10. More job opportunities to come after a cruise ship career

A cruise ship career doesn’t end after spending several years working in the cruise line. Just like any career, you can also get promoted if you work hard. But because you have the experience and the skill, you can also work in resorts and hotels after you have finished several cruise line contracts.

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