Tips on how to stay frugal when traveling

Frugality is a lifestyle choice when traveling that lets you live within your traveling means, resist impulsive consumer habits and enjoy the things that debt-free traveling can offer.  Many of us, even when traveling on a budget, want to enjoy the activities and reach exciting places in places where we travel; and most of the time it requires money. That is when spending can be a little bit of regretting.

When frugality starts feeling like a sacrifice, you’re in danger of falling off the wagon. gives you eight tips for being and staying frugal when traveling.

Don’t let frugality inhibit your travels

Just because you can travel on less means that you can travel less. While money or the opportunity to earn more doesn’t need to drive your every travel and life decision, getting better at what you do, making better and better contributions to your employer or community, building a reputation for excellence, and setting and meeting aggressive goals are worthy apart from a merit raise or bonus.

Take excellent care of yourself

Being frugal should not be hazardous to your well-being when traveling. Rather, it should improve your mental outlook and physical health. Choosing to eat at a vegetarian resto, a frugality mainstay, is typically healthier and less expensive than the often high-calorie, high fat, and high sodium meals from restaurants. But that doesn’t stop there. Make sure to have your health checked regularly by visiting the doctor, control your weight, and build stamina and strength to travel more. You don’t have to look frumpy just because you are a frugal traveler.

Take excellent care of the things you own

As a traveler, you should realize that stewardship should be aligned with ownership, which means taking care of your possessions. Making use of old bags and shoes which are relatively usable help you appreciate your being a “keeper”. Buy things that are necessarily small or enough to accommodate your travel condiments. You should understand travelling with super-sized things is not necessary.

Stay on top of technology

You don’t have to be an early adapter or jump on acquiring the latest gadget, but years of eschewing new technology can make you seem like dinosaur, or worse, just plain slow to grasp new things. These days, technology isn’t just a luxury for travelers. Many gadgets are functional and helpful in planning, organizing, guiding, and documenting your travels which don’t have to be expensive.

Go on adventures

Trip Together

Adventures are the best part when traveling. It allows you to have pure fun and give you intriguing stories to tell about your travels to your friends and family. Whether it’s a backpacking trip to the highest mountain in the country which is Mt. Apo or a museum and heritage site strolling in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, if your experience involves what you love, do it. Who doesn’t respect someone who dares to live his or her dreams? Frugality just means spending what you have wisely – it doesn’t mean never allowing yourself to splurge on trips that you can afford.

Become an expert in traveling

Making traveling as a hobby and devoting yourself to knowing and researching what should and should not be done when traveling is a great investment. Being an expert at checking hotels and air-fares that offer the lowest price is being a smart traveler. Investing your time on learning cultures, how to survive in a certain place or country, and researching on cheap accommodations and transport services save much of your budget which you can use on activities that you can enjoy while in a certain place.

Be nice to everyone

Make friends and don’t worry about your ‘spending differences when traveling with others. Frugality is more than saving a few pesos and becoming debt-free. It’s about enjoying the travel with people who mean a lot to you and making friends with people who can be part of pursuing your dreams. Saving much doesn’t define your success, being happy does.

Forgive yourself for frugal lapses

Stay upbeat even when you take a frugal misstep or just feel like paying for convenience when traveling. In the end, what matters most is you’ve learned new things and stayed on track making you a better and wiser traveler.

Vinz Eusala

A travel enthusiast, adventurer, wander thinker, and photographer wannabe who wakes up every morning and thinks everyday above ground is a great day. Offer him pizza and milk tea and you're friends for life!