Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition Year 2

Pandesal is the great equalizer in Philippines society. Pinoy from all walks of life have eaten it and for many households, it’s a part of their daily breakfast and sometimes a snack. But it is not only pandesal that we are so fond of eating, other Pinoy breads like the merienda-favorite ensaimada as well as other bread variants have become household staples and have played witnesses to many of our countless family and community gatherings.


Our local bread culture have a colourful history where every region has a bread variant they call their own and it helps that a known Pinoy brand like Max’s is preserving its rich culture. Understanding the stories behind each bread heightens the sense of pride we have in local food.


Known for keeping the vibrant tradition of Filipino bread-making when it first held a bread-making competition last year, Max’s Corner Bakery and Pilmico will hold anew the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition. Back for the second run this year, they promise that this year competition will be bigger, better, and more inclusive.


The contest once again invites student bakers all over the Philippines to create a beloved traditional bread, as well as to add their own twist of Pinoy favorites with their version of a modern bread. What makes this year’s competition more exciting is that Tinapay Natin will be opened to all non-professional home bakers who want to share their own bread stories.


In the official launch hosted by Max’s Corner Bakery and Pilmico, Chief Operating Officer of Max’s Corner Bakery and Max’s Restaurant Ariel Fermin reminisced on Max’s Restaurant first meal that they served in the restaurant and it is fried chicken with dinner rolls, not fried chicken with rice, emphasizing that bread had also played a part in their restaurant famous fried chicken meal.

In the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition, Max’s aims for the participants to share the unique story of their bread creations and know the inspiration, the struggles, and the hard work put into making it.

Last year’s Tinapay Natin competition is an eye opener as it showcased the colorful stories that go with each bread product the participants created. Keeping the bread-making tradition alive is the competition’s goal as well as promote creativity and innovation among Filipino bakers.


Cash prizes await the young participants who will create and share the most compelling bread stories and entries. It will run from July to October 2017. Regional bake-offs will happen in Baguio, Bacolod, and Davao. The winning bread will be awarded during the Grand Finals in Metro Manila in November, and will be made available through Max’s Corner Bakery nationwide as a limited offering.

The winners of last year Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition Roy Tabacolde and Greegy Cabarrubias, who after a year are still giddy over their winnings, is proud and happy that their creations is now part of Max’s Corner Bakery.

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