Tinapay Natin 2017 Winner Announced

For a rice-loving country, Filipinos also have a long, standing history with bread. All over the country, each region offers different bread variants and it’s amazing how many there are out there. But did you know that behind each bread is the hard work and the stories that come along with it?

For two years now, Max’s Corner Bakery and Pilmico have partnered to encourage passionate students and home bakers to create bread variants that can spark a sense of pride for the local food. Together, the two brand strengthened its partnership and bring about the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition. After a series of elimination, this year’s grand finale was held on November 20 at the University of the Santo Tomas.


The competition had three bake-off legs; in Davao on September 30 for the Mindanao elimination leg, in Bacolod on October 6 for the Visayas stop, and in Baguio on October 14 for the Luzon elimination round.

At the grand finale, six teams of student bakers and non-professional home bakers battled it out to which bread creations will be made available through Max’s Corner Bakery nationwide as a limited offering. The list included:

Poncho Galvez Jr. and Marven Mangubat (Davao) Richard Toloza and Aldrin Fajardo (Davao) Marc Wenz and Rey Mrak Sinco (Iloilo) Ray Anthony Lachica and Mike Gerard Dalin (Baguio) John Mark Dela Cruz and Joy Simeon (Baguio) Aristotle Collado and Emmanuel Banco Jr (Cavite)

What is different about this competition is that judging did not only focus on the technical skills of the participants as the most important in the selection process but the judges also considered the stories behind each bread entries. The finalist’s creation was evaluated based on technique, creativity, taste and texture


Before the start of the awarding Ms. Carolyn Trota-Salud, Director of Max’s Group Inc. emphasized how their company, the Max’s Group want to inspire the youth and give them the platform to voice out and share heir own stories that will allow people to learn more how rich our culture is through the bread they create.


Finally the winners were announced and the team of John Mark dela Cruz and Ella Joy Simeon from  Baguio emerged as the Grand Champion of the 2017  Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition. They received cash prizes of PhP30,000 and their bread creations will be available through Max’s Corner Bakery nationwide as a limited offering.


Learn more about the competition by visiting www.facebook.com/tinapaynatin

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