6 Times Your Smartphone is Taking Over Your Life

It’s hard to deny the fact that smartphones have become a part of our lives. From personal undertakings, social gatherings, to work or professional affairs, they’re always part of the story.

With the sophistication of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for social media and communication, resistance from clicking and scrolling is inevitable. And before you knew it, you’ve spent just another few hours draining your energy doing a worthless endeavor.

How’s your smartphone conquering your daily activities? If most of the following are true to you, chances are your smartphone has already mastered you and your life.

6 Indications Your Smartphone is Taking Over Your Life

1. The first and last thing you see before and after sleeping is your smartphone. You seem uncomfortable without checking the latest posts on your news feed, your friends’ stories of the day, or your favorite celebrity tweets. The scenario even gets worse when you lost track of your time.

Smartphone addiction

2. Watching your favorite “teleserye” or catching up with the latest episode you missed on Netflix is a gratifying opportunity during a commute. “Long hours of traffic in the metro? Well, my latest download of Stranger Things got me.” “I’m fine with long stands on the train. Highlights of the latest PBA/NBA games are up on YouTube.”

3. You’re okay just sitting on the couch playing Mobile Legends rather than scoring on hoops with your friends out in the open. Along with substituting physical activity with screen, you also notice a plodding increase in your weight.

4. You procrastinate and cram. Instead of focusing on accomplishing your tasks at work, you’re hooked on digging up information and stories about an intriguing photo posted by your ex with a new guy/girl just because your boss is not around.

Another scenario:

(7:00PM) “Tomorrow’s presentation day for my report. I got lots of time to research.”

(11:55PM) Season 2, Ep. 3 “Who must be the real father? I’m confused…” ***Checks time. “Oh, crap!!!”

5. You talk less and lose focus when having a dinner with friends and family. Just because your friend in a group chat brought up a stirring topic, you can’t seem to put your smartphone down while at the table with your family. You even get less interested engaging in a conversation with friends just because you missed the highlight of the discussion while checking on your smartphone.

6. You put more attention on improving your Instagram feed rather than your romantic relationship. Dinner dates and nature walks at the park are perfect when spent with full attention with a special someone. But if you keep on checking your phone or can’t get enough of taking selfies and photos, you might want to consider changing your status to – “In a relationship with my phone.”

Relationships Reality
Relationships Reality

Now that you can see how you could value your smartphone more than the people in your life, you might also want to re-evaluate how your relationships have gone through. And while learning more strategies to defend your town and defeat your enemies on Clash of Clans, how victorious are you in triumphing the healthy goals and lifestyle modification you’ve set for your new year’s resolutions?

Smartphones play specific functions to get us going in today’s technological era. But they can never be an alternative on how we live our lives the normal way it should be. If you think technology doesn’t interfere with your daily activities and is not playing a relative amount of role in your life, try to stop using your gadget and put down your smartphone for a while after reading this article…and think again.

Vinz Eusala

A travel enthusiast, adventurer, wander thinker, and photographer wannabe who wakes up every morning and thinks everyday above ground is a great day. Offer him pizza and milk tea and you're friends for life!