Be a Tightward to Save for a Rainy Day


Spending money is so easy but then again, saving your money isn’t that hard to do.  It just takes a lot of patience, sacrifice, and self-control.  Putting away some of your money has a lot of rewards and by the end of the month, you can see how fast your money accumulates in your piggy bank or other special hiding place.  Be a saver so you can do more with the money that you have kept. Use these easy tips to save up for a rainy day (or a brand new model of cell phone coming out of the market soon, like an iPhone 8 perhaps).

Get that 3-in-1 for your coffee fix


Instead of mocha frappuccino from your favourite signature coffee shop opt for the instant coffee mixes and you can store about a hundred bucks more in your wallet.

D-I-Y Gimmick at home

Have slumber parties or summer themed parties and forget about entrance fees that some places charge.

Watch a movie at the comforts of your home

Watch Netflix at home and have a movie marathon with friends coming over.  You can really save a whole lot ‘coz then you wouldn’t have to be spending on popcorn and an after-movie-snack.

Save up on those mobile load credits

If you’re on prepaid, cut down on SMS so you wouldn’t need to buy cell cards as often.  Use the telephone (landline if you still have them) and call your friend up instead.

Master the art of haggling

Shop at tiangge or local bazaar to get good bargains.  There are a lot of inexpensive items that also have good quality.

Carpool to save on gas 

Make a schedule with your friends on who gets to drive for Friday’s-Girls-Night-Out and Saturday-Couples’-Night.

Don’t be afraid to use and experiment on vintage clothes

Ask your ate for hand-me-downs.  This way you don’t need to buy the denim mini you’ve been eyeing.  Just ask your sister if you could have or borrow hers.

Learn to eat and cook at home

Nothing is sweeter than foods prepared with TLC at home. Buy all the ingredients you need then you will realize, “Why do I spend that much on eating out?”  You will get bigger servings as well.

Be stingy 

Less make up is more.  Just go for the essentials.  You don’t really need 12 shades of lipstick, do you? Download all the books, songs and movies from the free sites on the net. That alone saves you one more Php1,000 bucks from your piggy bank. 

Good luck and we hope you’d be able to save more money in time for the next school year. 


Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.