Three essentials of forgiveness

Having wronged someone and asking for forgiveness is one brave act.  However, asking for mercy is not a simple matter of uttering the words I am sorry.   More than the acceptance that you’ve committed a mistake, acknowledge, too, the lessons learned. Reconciling with the wronged person is easier and sweeter if there is acceptance of the mistake.

Three essentials of forgiveness
Three essentials of forgiveness shares the three essentials in asking for forgiveness.

Do it for the right motive

You approach the person you have wronged with.  You do this not to manipulate his emotions or gain pity for yourself.  The intention is pure and simple.  Confess your wrongdoing.  Doing so will liberate you from guilt and let the other person heal in the process.

Endure the lethargic venting

Forgiveness is sometimes too difficult to give.  Perhaps with the damage and pain you’ve caused, the other person isn’t ready yet to accept your apology.  Respect that.  Listen and absorb his anger.  Endure his agonizing words and drama.  You must have caused him too much pain; give him the time to vent out his frustration.

Patiently wait for forgiveness

Some souls heal fast.  Others need time and perhaps a new environment. Be patient then.  If you accepted you’ve wronged a person, accept the possibility, too, it may take time for him to heal.  Sometimes as well, you just need to leave everything in God’s hands.

Essentials of forgiveness

Three essentials of forgiveness
Three essentials of forgiveness

You’ve realized your flaws.  That led you to ask for an apology.  Humbly beg for forgiveness and resist the temptation to argue and make yourself understood.  The mere act of running to the person for mercy means you are being modest.  Your goal is to rekindle the relationship, and in the process, for both of you to heal and move forward.  Do not let the same pride that wrecked your relationship be the cause of another argument.

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