Thoughtful Gestures to Show Your Love On Valentine’s


Nope, your significant other will not be receiving chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day this year. Skip the routine purchases and put a little thought into it — promises they’ll appreciate the extra effort. If you’ve been together for years now, you should definitely mix things up every now and then. And if this is your first Feb. 14 with your partner, make it an unforgettable one! Some of the ideas ahead will cost you barely anything, while some might cost you more — it’s all up to you. Keep reading to get inspired.

Cook a fancy meal


You may not be a chef wannabe, but there’s no harm in trying. Skip the reservation and attempt to make a multi-course meal yourself. You can prepare a simple candlelight dinner at home. Enjoy the privacy and include their favorites. Don’t worry, there’s Google and YouTube to help you out in whipping their favorite meal.

Plan Something You Normally Would Hate Doing


If you hate dancing or roller coasters, for example, but your significant other loves it, take one for the team. Your willingness to step far out of your comfort zone will be much appreciated.

Personalize a Gift

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Get their initials engraved on jewelry, have an inside or private joke stitched to a blanket, and more. This way, you can buy something your partner wants while still adding a personal touch.

Stuff Balloons With Notes


Fill your significant other’s room with balloons and surprise them with little notes in each one. Write things you love about them or fond memories you’ve had together. Balloons aren’t expensive, you can get these from Divisoria or 168 in wholesale. The more balloons you’ll get, the cheaper the price will be. You just need to be extra creative when you write your notes.

Treat Them to an At-Home Spa Day


Who says you have to go out on Valentine’s Day? With all the traffic in the metro, you’d really just want to stay at home. Have a glass of Champagne waiting and the water running for them when they get home. Fill the bathroom with candles and their favorite scents, and be their personal masseuse for the evening. If you think you can’t be his or her personal masseuse, call a trusted home service massage for the two of you.

Write Them a Love Letter


We know that snail mails are no longer the trend nowadays. But there are women who still long for love letters (we mean the tangible one) and not just emails or private messages/SMS. Even if your partner knows how much you love them, remind them again! Go old school and pour all your feelings onto paper. C’mon, you’re allowed to get cheesy at this time of the year so it’s perfectly okay to pour your heart and thoughts into writing love letters for your significant other.

Surprise Them With a Workday Delivery


If you want your partner to receive flowers and goodies at their home , school or office, personally deliver them yourself if you can. Everyone else will have their orders sent over. If you can’t make an appearance, have something else delivered like lunch.

Make love coupons


As cheesy and classic as this DIY is, it’s cute regardless, and you can customize them however you’d like.  Say one coupon allows you to wash the laundry or the dishes for you SO. Or they can avail of the DIY coupon if they want to go shopping using your credit card. Get creative with it and go practical or super sexy.

Curate a Personal Gift Basket


Instead of ordering an arrangement of treats, gather all their favorites yourself. Include snacks they love, their most-read magazines, wine, a book they’ve been dying to read, or other fun items like cosmetics they’ve been jonesing for ages.

Make a Scrapbook


Include your favorite photos together in a scrapbook, or document your milestones from the day you first met. Make sure to leave some pages empty so you two can fill the rest together.

Surprise them with a trip (only if you can afford it)


This can be a local weekend getaway or an elaborate escape. Plan it all from the activities to the accommodations so that they don’t have a thing to worry about.


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