Thomas and George presents ARTISANS

Thomas and George, a first class furniture store located on the second level of Shangri La BGC is currently hosting a fund raising exhibit for the benefit of The Cleft Foundation. The exhibit is entitled ARTISANS and true to their word, they feature artists who’s works are truly outstanding.


Furniture designs by Lara K., paintings done by Romeo Gutierrez as well as Jun Alfon and sculptures created by Ronald Castrillo. These four are some of the most sough after artists in their own fields for their unique skills and craftsmanships.


Lara Kristine Sarmiento, the maker of the Petal Chair has had over 20 years of experience working in high end furniture, manufacturing, export, and retail industry. Bespoke pieces that have been designed mostly for international clients in different parts of the US are her main specialty but she has also helped conceptualized designs for residences in the UAE and Australia.


Lara K.’ signature style is a contemporary blend of both Eastern and Western forms. Her pieces are inspired by elegant casual motifs with touches nof nature and it can be seen in the details of the flowers embedded in leather.


The other piece that caught our eye was this one entitled “Hawak Kamay” which is a 20x14x20 piece sculpted by Ronald Castrillo.

Shaping metal into beautiful lines and curves, Ronald Castrillo is able to build artworks people can touch and feel. He believes that great sculptures should be conceived through a great idea and executed to perfection after careful plannin guided by technical know how.


This painting by Jun Alfon called Bagobo Chief is another piece that stood out for us. The intensity on the woman’s face was too strong to not be recognized. Jun Alfon’s work profoundly captures the mystical aura of Philippine Southern tribes  and he is able to showcase the pulse of hardworking and warm souls who exist in an almost extinct but real world almost unknown to the public.

This exhibit is for the benefit of The Cleft Foundation. The Cleft Foundation is committed to provide treatment for individuals with congenital facial deformities and improve the quality care through education and research in partnership with donors and benefactors.



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