Things to Consider Before Going Braless


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Right from the age you have to attain puberty until your old age, you are forced to wear those uncomfortable heavy bras because of the fear of getting your lady jugs sagging, developing stretch marks, looking unshapely, and more such etc reasons.

When we reach a certain age — or more accurately, reach a certain cup size — many of us start wearing bras. Love them or hate them, bras usually become a staple in wardrobes just like socks and underwear. But there’s no rule that says you have to wear a bra. What’s more, there are more and more celebrities and regular peeps championing the braless look.  Singer and actress Regine Velasquez swears she’s more comfortable without having to put her bra on. Being braless can actually feel liberating.

You can credit #freethenipple you find on Instagram, people being fed up with underwires, or the fact people don’t want to deal with bands and straps being seen under shirts. There are some that choose to go braless for certain outfits while others have decided to abandon their bras completely. It’s your choice what you want to do. It’s your body, your boobs, and you don’t have to go with any look no matter how trendy it is.

But if we will tell you that you can feel extremely comfortable & relief if you will not wear bra all day long without worrying about the shape & health of your breast, what will be your reaction? You’d definitely ditch wearing a bra, right? Well, before you consider going out without them (for a day or possibly permanently), here are a few things to consider. Read on…

Your Tops Will Fit Differently

Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to buy a new wardrobe. What we mean by your tops fitting differently is that the shape and the way they mold to your body will be different. Think about it. A bra holds your boobs in a specific spot. If you’re not wearing a bra anymore, your boobs will sit at a different one and move around. The shape can also be very different if you were wearing a padded, push-up bra with contoured cups. Even if you were wearing a soft, unlined bra, you’ll probably still notice a difference.

You Might Accidentally Expose Yourself

If you’re wearing a turtleneck, this isn’t as likely. But, be aware that if you’re wearing a top with a low neckline, low sides, or a low back, it can happen. When boobs aren’t in bras, they’re more susceptible to movement and gravity which means that a nipple could accidentally pop out at any time. You might also find that a top you thought was opaque is actually quite sheer when there isn’t a bra acting as a barrier between your nipples and the fabric.

You Might Feel Like You’re Missing Something

If you wear a watch every day, does your wrist feel very naked when you accidentally forget to put your watch on? That’s pretty much what it will be like when you’re not wearing a bra. You’ll feel like you’re missing a big part of your look. If you continue not wearing a bra, the feeling will eventually go away. You will just need to go through the transition period.

People Might Look At Your Chest

If we’re getting real, there are some people out there who will stare at your chest no matter what you’re wearing or not wearing. We just want you to be prepared for it, especially if you’re feeling self-conscious about not wearing a bra. As for the rest of the population, they probably won’t even notice.

Exercising Or Certain Movements Will Feel Very Different

You will likely notice a difference in everyday activities when you go from wearing a bra to not wearing one. You will definitely notice a difference when exercising or undergoing vigorous activity. And you’ll notice it regardless of your cup size. It’s still your call whether you want to wear a bra or not, but you might find that exercising is more comfortable to do with a supportive sports bra that minimizes the impact on your lady lumps.

You Might Get Back Pain

You will likely only experience this if you’ve got large breasts and/or you undergo a lot of physical activity. If you have a large chest and you get back pain when you’re wearing a bra, be careful about going braless because the extra movement might make the pain worse. You can try to use body tape to keep your girls more secure.

You Might Become More Aware Of Your Nipples

You’re probably familiar with how your nipples get hard during temperature changes. When some people go braless, they might be hyper-aware of every little change in their nipples from the cold to the different top materials touching their boobs, to the feel of anything brushing against their chests. If you keep going braless, you’ll likely grow used to the sensations with time.

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