The beauty of Walking

Fitness experts say that the more vigorous one exercises, the more he would likely benefit from it.  If that is the case, does walking gives the least advantage?  It was later proven that walking beats health problems, too.  Aside from that, there are other benefits of walking, the same perks one gets from running or any kind of exercise. details its advantages.

The beauty of Walking
The beauty of Walking

Most health professionals prefer walking over running.  This is because the former is a kind of low-impact exercise that goes easy on the heart and joints. As it requires nothing but a good pair of shoes, its physical and mental benefits are immense.

Improves heart health

Walking is considered the best exercise for adults who find it too difficult to do strenuous activities. A simple walk around the backyard or the porch helps improve one’s heart health.   Moreover, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A good walk of at least four hours every week keeps heart stroke at bay.

Helps weight loss

Walking doesn’t only keep the heart healthy, it also helps one to lose weight. In particular, it reduces belly fat.  This is because regular walking helps improve the body’s response to insulin, which can help reduce belly fat.  As one walks, he burns extra calories and increases metabolism.  A simple walk around the neighborhood is a good start until he is used to the habit and walk instead of driving when going to nearby destinations.

Improves mood

The beauty of Walking
The beauty of Walking

Did you know that regular walking of at least half an hour a day modifies the nervous system? This decreases the anger and hostility from the inside.  It likewise makes relationship healthier especially if one walk alongside his loved ones or friends.

Sparks creativity

Going for a walk helps creative juices to start flowing.  This is because walking calms the nerves and relaxes the brain.  With no pressure ahead, the brain is able to sort ways and think strategically.

Also, walking helps supply the brain with the required amount of oxygen and glucose that aids it to function better.  Thus, it is advisable that as one feels stuck at work, take a few minutes of walking to clear that mind.

Strengthens bones and muscles

Walking regularly helps strengthen the bones, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis, It also leads to healthier bones, improving one’s balance and posture.  Aside from bones, regular walking also tones muscles and fortifies leg and back muscles.

Uplifts mood

More than getting some fresh air to feel better, walking helps reduce stress.  It also uplifts the mood, providing nutrients and oxygen to the cells thus stimulates the nervous system and decreases the production of the stress hormones.

The beauty of walking

We do not force you to start walking long distance immediately.  You can just circle around your neighborhood for a few minutes.  You may also opt to just walk for a few minutes each day and gradually increase the duration. Or how about a walk with a friend or a loved one every diner?  You may also opt to walk the dog each morning.  It wouldn’t hurt as well if you enlist yourself with a walking group or walk for a social cause.

The beauty of Walking
The beauty of Walking

As you walk, though, do not force yourself.  You make take rest in between.  Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated as well.

So feeling motivated? How about grab that walking shoes and start a few stride within the neighborhood?

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