Tectonic Shifts in Global Politics at Pandesal Forum

Tectonic shifts in global politics, economy, technology, media and fake news was the main topic of the “Pandesal Forum” which was held last week between 12:00 noon to past 4:00 pm at the Marina Seafood restaurant in Quezon City.


L-R Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, Dr. Dan Steinbock and Mr. George Siy

The forum is called IDSI Independent Foreign Policy Forum” It is how your family, career, country should position…How can more Pinoys benefit from global developments? The move of global economy in Europe, United States, Japan and China was discussed.

independent forum`

Dr. Dan Stienbock 

International Guest: Dr Dan Steinbock (advised US, European, Asian governments and MNCs) Senior Fulbright scholar, Stern School of New York University, Columbia Graduate School, Harvard, and leading global think-tanks; media advisory boards Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, McKinsey; published in Financial Times, NYT, Forbes, CNBC, Al Jazeera, China Daily, etc). With industry leader, social leader, entrepreneur George Siy and moderator Wilson Lee Flores.

He had been in several countries and had been a great mover in forecasting the economic growth.

pandesal forum

L-R Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, Dr. Dr Dan Steinbock and Mr. George Siy

Since president Rodrigo Duterte’s democratic election victory in 2016, critics have accused the government of facilitating extrajudicial killings and other rights abuses to stamp out illegal drugs. Some of the accusations have often relied on flawed data and misguided reports. Moreover, Philippine polls indicate that more than 70 percent of Filipinos stand behind Duterte and are more satisfied with his government than any previous one.

Some foreign investors are deterred to make investments in the country with all sorts of negative news that is circulating in media.


income pyramid

Dr. Stienbock also pointed out during the presentation that there will be a moderate increase in the growth rate of Philippine economy for 2019 to 2020.

Philippines to become the fastest growing economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-5 this year, clocking in as much as 7.5% growth. but is expected to slow down at between 5 to 6% growth for the next few years.

The economic growth also factors in some important global economic reports like geo-politics , oil prices and remittances.

independent forum

group photo of the organizers and special guest

While the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) is expected to hit a record high  of between of 9,200 to 9,400 basis point mark this 2018.

The forum was well attended by media people, academe, economic managers and political analyst.



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