A-TEAM Joins Growing EXTRA BASS Family

When you dance, one of the most important aspects of your routine is the sound of your piece. If it’s wonky or the sound is not right, it can affect your routine. Sound after all is a very big factor when it comes to dance.

A Team 1

Sony officially welcomed world champion Filipino dance crew A-TEAM to its roster ambassadors for its EXTRA BASS line of speakers.

A passionate group who have a strong commitment for both their craft and in enriching the local street dance community, A-TEAM embodies the kind of passion for music and dance that Sony advocates through their products. They join the brand’s roster of talents who live a dynamic and upbeat lifestyle like DJ Rammy Bitong, fellow world-class crew Upeepz, and brand endorser Nadine Lustre.

Locally and internationally recognized, A-TEAM has participated and won in several street dance competitions worldwide. From their humble beginnings in 2011, the crew has since built a strong following and credibility within the scene. The team is led by their founders/directors Angelica and MJ Arda, aka THE ARDAs. Angelica and MJ are two of the most sought-after and recognizable dance coaches with their diverse backgrounds and expertise.

A-TEAM advocates the EXTRA BASS Home Audio System category, which showcase audio systems with hard-hitting, deep bass perfect for dance music enthusiasts. There’s nothing quite like Sony EXTRA BASS when it comes to powering up dance rehearsals, performances, and parties on-the-go. With the recently-launched GTK-XB60 (priced at Php 13,999) and GTK-XB90 (priced at Php 18,999) high-power portable audio systems, music lovers can really feel the passion and bass of the music at their enjoyment.

A Team 3

“A-TEAM is honored to be named as the new ambassdors for Sony EXTRA BASS. Our rehearsals will be on the next level especially now that we have an amazing sound system with the GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90. We take pride in the quality of work we put in and now that we have an amazing partner, we remain upbeat for the possibilities,” shared A-TEAM director Angelica Arda.

Both the GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90 also feature and easy wireless connection with BLUETOOTH®, one-touch NFC, or stream from over Wi-Fi. A rechargeable battery with stamina mode allows for up to 14- and 16-hours battery life for long-lasting, punchy bass for any occasion. The GTK-XB90 is equipped with infinity mirror lighting that helps add energy and life to any party atmosphere.

With their achievements as a crew and their continuous passion for their craft, Sony believes partnering with A-TEAM showcases both the best of Filipino talent and how their products enable dance crews to shine.


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