Teach kids perseverance

Your son was chosen to represent his school for the interschool Math Challenge.  Sadly, he failed to bring home any of the top three places.  He was again tapped to represent another interschool competition, this time for Computer.  He begged, though, not to be included in the lineup.  This is because he is afraid to even try for the second time.  He fears that he would fail again.

As a parent, you need to communicate to your child that failures are opportunities for him to learn.  Though it may be hard to accept that fact, you still need to push him to learn perseverance.  It is in the struggle that growth happens.

How to teach children perseverance?  PSST.ph shares some positive ways.

Positive saying

Teach kids perseverance
Teach kids perseverance

To teach perseverance, a constant reminder should be aplenty.  It is not to bombard your kid but to constantly remind him that he should not dwell on his failures. He should, on the other hand, use those mistakes to persevere and move forward to succeed. These sayings may be pinned on the refrigerator door or hallway walls.

These sayings aren’t limited as home decors alone.  You may consider using them as daily reminders as you eat breakfast, bring your child to school or even before tucking him into bed.

A good example of a positive saying is:

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.

– Julie Andrews

Positive wordings

Often, the use of words can create a big difference to encourage a kiddo to not give up.  Saying “Great work. Such beautiful art work” is pretty encouraging. But opting to say “I am so proud of you.  I bet all the other parents are pretty impressed by your artwork.  All your practice and hard work paid off,” are all the more enticing for a child to push him more.

It is important for a kid to hear his teacher or coach’s feedback.  All the more that he values hearing his parent’s loving words.  Be generous then in giving such positive encouragement.

Positive examples

Children love to hear stories, especially those with happy endings.  It is prudent then that as a parent, you never tire of reading stories to your kid.  Aside from those nursery rhymes and short children’s tales, read real life narratives.  True success stories are often inspiring and captivating which would surely pull anyone from his slump.

One inspiring never give up story is J.K. Rowling’s.  When Rowling finished the first three chapters of her Harry Potter, she sent the manuscript off to one publisher to another. Though her mailbox was filled with rejection letters, she didn’t stop sending her work until one publisher took notice of her.

Teach kids perseverance
Teach kids perseverance

Despite the rejection, Rowling strived for success.  Today, she is considered the first female billionaire author.

Positive goal setting

After inspiring your little one with never give up stories and quotes, help him start with clear goals. The idea is to teach your child the power of setting and achieving goals he can carry through life.  Setting the goal would be futile if you wouldn’t be there in helping him identify the steps needed to reach the goal.

An example of goal setting would be “We will win that Mathematics Challenge.”  That doesn’t stop there, though.  Show the steps your kiddo needs to do in order for him to reach that goal.  Guide and be with him as you review for the quiz bee every day.  Set a time and place where you would review every day.  Commit to each other that no matter what, you will stick to your review days.  It is prudent, too, that you give your child the right amount of space to give him ownership of the quest.  That means, even if you are beside him on your review days, allow him still to solve the Math problems by himself.

Teach kids perseverance

As you guide your child through life, build an early habit for him to learn from mistakes and persevere through problems, too.  Guiding him how to set goals is not enough.  You also need to make it clear that there would certainly be failures along the way, but those are part of the lesson to learn.

Fill him with life stories of famous inventors and personalities who share a common trait: amazing perseverance.  Most of them failed repeatedly and yet they used those failures to drive their success.   Inculcate in him the   “never give up” attitude to define his life and work.  By doing so, you are not only nurturing a determined individual but you’re giving the world a big favor of having another future successful personality.

Teach kids perseverance
Teach kids perseverance

By the way, perhaps you and your kid know Dr. Seuss and his equally famous children’s stories? Did you know that Dr. Seuss was rejected many times before publishers accepted his first book? And as they say, the rest is history.

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