Tasteless Nutritional Drinks Can Possibly Result to Obesity Based on a Study

Filipinos are a big fan of commercialized drinks. From soft drinks to energy boosters and fruit juices to tasteless nutritional drinks, their availability is everywhere within our reach. But there is something that we do not know yet about some of these drinks.

Tasteless nutritional drink

A new research has found that tasteless nutritional drink triggers opiods in your brain, but they are not the same ones present in heroin and morphine or other similar drugs that can lead to feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Instead, these are naturally-occurring opiods that have been found to be released when listening to music, having sex or eating a delicious food.

A study on ‘how eating pizza can actually result to one’s happiness’ has led to a discovery that tasteless nutritional drink can trigger opiods in the brain after being used as a subject of comparison in the research. In the research, a number of participants were tested by letting them drink a tasteless nutritional drink and eat a delicious pizza after a night of fasting.

The result shows that there was an increase of pleasant feelings when eating a delicious pizza. What surprises the researchers was the release of more opiods with the tasteless nutritional drink on the participants.

Although the published study in The Journal Neuroscience revealed that there is a significant release of opiods when eating in general, the study suggests there might be a correlation between the taste of food one takes in and certain kind of health problems.

With numerous studies that link opiods to obesity and other food disorders, this study welcomes the possibility of non-delicious foods and drinks triggering more opiods than those commonly known addictive foods (which are generally considered as delicious) such as pizza.

“This creates a basis for future research and hopefully we will find ways to study and describe the development and predictors of addiction, obesity, and eating disorders.” says Jetro Tuulari, one of the researchers in the study.

With the hurdles of Philippine Congress on tax reform imposing increased tax on commercialized soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, there would be a seemingly increased production of tasteless drinks – nutritive or non-nutritive which are high in calories once signed into law. It is still best to check the nutritional value of the foods you buy from the market and be aware of their health impacts.

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