Taking Care of Damp Hair: How to be a Mane Winner

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The rainy season offers a refreshing break from the scorching heat of summer, but it brings a dampened spirit when suddenly, you see this once beautiful hair turn into a mop piece.  Describe your hair in many different types.

Got mousy hair frizzy hair or wispy hair? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Where did your crowning glory go?  Like it or not, more moisture and wind during the monsoon season create horror hair episodes in your life.  When it comes to head-turning styles, rainy days are heartbreak periods of unmanageable hair dressing that make you want to cry, “rain, rain go away!”  Meanwhile, your civilized world is turning into a caveman’s territory with a “jungle” look on your head.

Is there hope for bad hair days during these wet months?  According to dermatologists, the outermost layer of the hair strands becomes easy prey to static due to added water content in the air.  The humidity under such climactic conditions may affect the shape and form of the hair.  Here are some guides to tress-success this rainy season:


Try a style with glamorous options.  If you look great with short hair, a great cut from your stylist will keep your crown from heavy-duty work.  When caught in a long drizzle outside, use a wide-tooth hairbrush to fix and hand dry your locks.  Imagine Sharon Stone’s beautiful hairdo that is easy to control.  A layered crop has a stunning effect.  In a snap, smooth out strands and spike them with a gel to create a new look.


Medium-length and long hair need more maintenance.  After cleansing hair, spray the ends with a light leave-in conditioner to help hair look more tamed. Avoid over rubbing hair with a towel as this causes breakage.  Instead, blow-dry it using medium cool setting as you shape it.  Apply a gentle volumizer for a fuller effect.  Remember to keep away from very greasy styling aids as these will automatically cooperate with the moisture in the air around you, making your hair our more flat or brittle.  Ask your hairdresser about silicone-based products which will seal and protect your mane as   well as add silkiness to it.  If your hair is wavy or fine in texture, add a small bit of straightening balm.  Blow hair out, over a large round brush.  In an emergency situation, like being splashed by rain showers on the street, keep a frizz-tamer and let hair dry by itself, then comb it to perfection.

Use pretty accessories.  The sudden downpour downs your hair when you are about to attend a power meeting.  To look good and smashing even in a disastrous situation like this, tie your hair into a bun and pin it with attractive clips.  A pony tail decorated with a colourful ribbon is a day saver.  Consider that a high knot that sits at the upper back of the crown, accentuated with a hairpiece, becomes a trendy lift-up.  Check your glam hair accessories and scarves as you experiment on style fixers that give you the cutting edge when rain becomes mane-wrecker.  Choose from a variety of headbands, glitzy pins, tiny combs and others.

Take care of your scalp.  Frequent shampoo is not the answer for good grooming this season, if you can stand rinsing your hair every other day, massage your scalp instead with your hands to activate natural oils.  A rubber-tipped comb will do the job for you, too.  Whenever you shampoo, finish the procedure with a cuticle sealant rubbed evenly on the hair to recover dullness caused by the monsoon blahs.  The best shampoo bets are those that contain keratin, a nutrient that the hair needs to maintain its chemical balance, especially during these humid months.

Visit your salon regularly.  There’s nothing like a trusted salon expert to run to when you need hair pampering.  He may advice a trim, a tress relaxer, a subtle change from the shade of hair you had months ago, a luxurious protein hair treatment and a slew of good products to keep your crown sazzy, sazzy, sazzy.


Now, you can say, “Let it rain, let it rain….”  You’re the mane winner!

Vance Madrid

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